LongerTwits - Tweet Your Heart Out.. <3

What is LongerTwits? How does it work?

LongerTwits is a simple application which you can use it to tweet more than 140 characters. It uses Twitter REST API v1.1 (updated version). It works with the twitter api to send the tweet message to twitter.

What does it do? -> Tweet as Text

Tweet as Text splits your lengthy tweets to chunks of 120 characters each (with word completion) and send to twitter.

What does it do? -> Tweet as Image

Tweet as Image compiles the tweet message and creates a png image and send it to twitter with twitter's update with media function.

What does it do? -> Tweet as Link

Tweet as Link adds a link(to full lengthy message) to the tweet (chunked one).

Is it affiliated with Twitter?

Don't even think about it. We're just sharing the love.

Let me know what you have in mind.

Mail me at vickythegme@gmail.com

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