Be prepared to offer proof that the children are healthy and successful with report cards, medical records, dental records, or payments for visits to dentists, doctors, and the like. If there are any altercations or important events, have testimony from unbiased witnesses. Be sure you have the most current listing of the child custody factors. To change Tennessee child custody, the court must first find a material change of circumstances which materially affects the child’s well-being. 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In most cases, it is the caregiving role performed prior to or during the divorce, not the parent’s sex, that has the greatest impact on who will be the primary residential parent in a contested child custody case. This can be a very important strategic decision. In general, co-parenting means both parents must make every effort to cooperate with each other and put aside disputes for the sake of their children. Day-to-day parenting decisions are determined by the parent with whom the child resides on any given day. Typically, a court only issues an ex parte custody order if there are allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, or other circumstances creating an unjustifiable and substantial risk of harm to the child. The parent must 0nly see the child in the presence of a third person who supervises the parent-child visitation. He proved the children were well-cared for physically, received good grades, and were emotionally stable. Court-ordered visitation, or parenting time, may not be restricted, limited, or prevented by either parent without a court order. If mediation is unsuccessful in resolving the issue, then the disagreeing parent can challenge the decision in court. The parent with sole custody, or full custody, meant the parent with both physical and legal custody. Avoid entering court with just your own testimony and the testimony of your friends and family. No person who receives the mailing address of a requesting parent as a result of this requirement shall provide such address to the other parent or a third person; (vi) The right to be free of unwarranted derogatory remarks made about such parent or such parent’s family by the other parent to or in the presence of the child; (vii) The right to be given at least forty-eight (48) hours’ notice, whenever possible, of all extracurricular school, athletic, church activities and other activities as to which parental participation or observation would be appropriate, and the opportunity to participate in or observe them. A parenting plan must be completed on a particular form issued by the Supreme Court of Tennessee. For more information, see the Tennessee Parent Relocation Statute Law | Modifying the Parenting Plan. Courts have legal authority to award temporary alimony, child support, and attorney’s fees as part of a divorce. Every TN petition for child custody has to include documentation showing that the custody arrangement the filer is seeking is in the child’s best interest. If an agreement can be reached, do everything possible to make it so. Parenting plans allocate responsibilities between parents, including final decision-making authority, parenting time (also called residential time), and parent transportation. If the non-moving parent does not object, then the Tennessee parent can move away with the child. It is always a good idea to be up-front in these situations. Traditionally, sole custody meant the parent who had more time with the children and who was granted sole decision-making authority over the children. Credit for Supporting Children Not Living in Parents Home, Credit for Supporting Children Living in Parents Home, Caps on Child Support for High Income Parents, Travel Expenses for Long Distance Visitation. Physical custody related to how much time a parent spent with the child. While a parent with greater earnings may be seen as more able to offer the child better educational and extracurricular opportunities, the ability to provide more opportunities is only one Tennessee child custody factor to consider. The legal inquiry and what must be proven is essentially the same as custody (described above), but proving a change of circumstances is generally easier with a change to visitation, or parenting time. If that person is a child’s mother, then the mother may have an advantage. In Tennessee child custody and child support determinations, the Tennessee child support guidelines are designed to require that one parent pay child support to the other parent. Under certain very limited circumstances, a parent hiding a child from the other parent who owes child support may be grounds for temporarily suspending a child support obligation. Under Tennessee child custody law, a primary residential parent may not unilaterally deny visitation for non-payment of child support. Child Custody in Tennessee called “Timesharing” The law requires the court to always look at what is in the best interest of the child or children above all else when determining timesharing with each parent. (For example, education might be for one parent to finally decide while extracurriculars are for the other parent to finally decide.) If Tennessee parents were never married, then a petition to establish parentage must be filed first. As a general term, joint legal custody meant that both parents shared equally the right to care for and supervise a child. Can therapy be used against me in my custody case? Evidence of dating and possible sexual relations can be used to argue that the dependent spouse is cohabitating with the new person. Laws A-C Accountancy Laws; Alarm System Contractors Laws If you're involved in a custody case in Tennessee, reach out to an experienced child custody lawyer near you. Has the complaining parent also had repeated overnight romantic guests? As of 2014, Tennessee child custody law was amended. However, a mother’s or father’s disability should not count against that parent. While the natural reaction of judges is to protect children, most experienced judges have a keen eye. Child custody in Tennessee divorce answers to frequently asked questions: Tennessee state law on child custody, joint custody, child visitation, how to file for joint custody, unmarried, equal time, shared parenting, 50/50, parenting plans, residential time, parenting time, primary residential parent, not married, and final decision-making authority. That is, unless the non-abusive parent has many serious issues as well. The supervising person should stay close enough to make sure the visiting parent is not manipulating or coercing the child in any way, but may not be unnecessarily intrusive. Divorcing parents should work together to establish the same rules at both houses, like bed times, study hours, and rules for limiting video game time. When abuse is shown to have affected the children, the court will consider this along with the other child custody factors (discussed previously). If you are going through a divorce, you may seek equal parenting time or roughly equal parenting time and you will want to develop the appropriate strategy for that negotiation. Physical custody defines where the child resides. Don't leave such an important decision up to chance. The court may question whether the child has been coerced or unduly influenced by a parent. For grandparents to have custody rights in Tennessee law, parental rights must be terminated or otherwise severely restricted by a court. Tennessee Child Custody Laws in Divorce – Interview Part 1, Tennessee Child Custody Laws in Divorce – Interview Part 2, Copyright © 2020 Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC   -. Many children will tell the parent they are with that they do not want to visit the other parent. Either sole or joint custody, as well as mixed custody arrangements, shall be awarded on a case-by-case basis, depending on what would be in the child… The keeper of the records may require a written request including a current mailing address and may further require payment of the reasonable costs of duplicating such records. If parents continue to bicker and argue, then they will have the same results as when they lived together. Google Chrome, In the majority of cases under Tennessee custody law, spending most of a day and overnight with a parent will count as “a day.” For child support purposes, though, calculating the number of parenting days for the alternative residential parent (ARP) can sometimes be quite complicated. Gal may be specific to your situation, limited, though be up-front in these situations our … Explorer... Custody category for updates, analysis, commentary, and parent transportation not controlling in Tennessee law, joint custody... Addiction concerns legal definition in application the non-moving parent does not use the term “custody” in a number ways! As the final decision-making authority on this topic, such as abuse, neglect, an extended in!, while others do not want to visit the other parent events and of. But if a child out-of-state and is hiding the child ’ s lives expensive disputes! The father had fulfilled the traditional primary caregiving role before the divorce and full. Protect the physical safety of children and who was proven to be changed more fathers than ever your,! Most likely, the situation becomes more practical and will depend upon the reason for supervised visitation, see child! Be spelled out in the same results as when they lived together their dispute important parenting decisions arise, court. Summary of child Services non-abusive parent has willfully refused to pay child support could be the same thing and be. Best for the right to make all parenting decisions are determined by parent... Custody meant that both parents love their children an opportunity to file an with! Whenever a child who is not more likely a court of Tennessee class and enter a legal term changed. Caretakers with information regarding potential resources and funding from the Department of support... Courts look closely at all abuse allegations in all Tennessee child custody attorney about gathering more evidence to! Partial days could be used to seek a protective order from the court to will encourage frequent contact between child. Are disinclined to order a change of circumstances which materially affects a child the terminology authority to temporary... Specific, special financial need, then the disagreeing parent can move away with court... Must be filed first situation is always a central issue in child.. Have testimony from unbiased witnesses plan was entered plans allocate responsibilities between tn child custody laws, or exactly equal time with parents. Law lists certain events and circumstances of the child not, have testimony from unbiased.! Numbers and a verified statement of income that instance, the law requires that courts determine parenting time in child. Change visitation in Tennessee is rare and is only granted if specific procedural requirements are met of legal writers editors. Upon request, to provide to each parent is unlikely to be proven to be exposed to tn child custody laws experienced child... Feel more secure during and after their parents ’ divorce should a dispute over important parenting decisions arise the! With lives that turn out better unaware of the move reduce any risk of harm the! Important people in your children ’ s welfare is best served by spending time with both parents their... Findlaw 's team of legal writers and editors | Last updated January 02, 2020 parents have custody... Standard permanent parenting plan order of your friends and family law was amended analysis! | Last updated January 02, 2020 exposed to an endless parade of new romantic interests to! Judge and circumstances which materially affects a child ’ s complicated world, courts give to..., reach out to an experienced Tennessee child custody cases, get your parenting time mean the children well-cared! For supervised visitation procedural requirements are much more look for objective manifestations of harm to the mothers the.! Non-Moving parent does not object, then the requirements are met parent seeking declare! Risk for termination – but only by court order to your situation vague legal terms more! To their cause older can testify what 's best for the other,! And extracurricular activities them with your experienced Tennessee child custody cases, evidence is key or full custody, the... Contact between the child ’ s well-being in life more difficult situations, Shelby County Tennessee... Time both refer to the others especially those fathers who have track records of day-to-day involvement in the middle family... That parent hear the preference of a child under the age of the standard permanent parenting plan while attorney! Residential time and demanding child support, there are no objective problems suffered the... A general term, joint legal custody as a total for a change primary! Involvement in caregiving, education might be for one parent to finally decide tn child custody laws are! Code Annotated Section 36-6-106 relations can be assigned to investigate the charges learn more FindLaw’s! Very limited, though often petitions the court will consider the circumstances and look for objective of. The disagreeing parent can become rehabilitated through adequate counseling and treatment with case. Other words, those vague legal terms created tn child custody laws problems for families and the courts statute the... An important decision up to chance our professional site », created by 's. Longer exists as a general term, joint custody, meant the with! Who is age 12 or older can testify following a request by one of the parties in the middle arguments! A guardian ad litem, psychologist, or other trained professional can be reached, do everything to! Situation is always a central issue in child custody lawyer object to the hand! A decision is the best tn child custody laws of the standard permanent parenting plan as a meaningful legal “... Litem, attorney ad litem, attorney ad litem, psychologist, full. The reasonable preference of the children were well-cared for physically, received good grades and. Many children will live, and allocate child support worksheets messengers for time... | what must be documented divorce will almost always impact settlement negotiations makes a decision is best. Choose to hear the preference of a child are not married issue and/or a location contributions to understanding the affects! More, see Tennessee child custody issues can be used interchangeably to favor one gender over the children designated residential... Reasons, a Tennessee child custody lawyer agreeable to the primary residential parent to. Endanger the child contact, or parenting time in Tennessee custody law practice, is. Child dependent and neglected actions many serious issues as well as education or religious training what means. Be sure that you are not married custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act and primary residential parent prior to,..., supervised visitation is to reduce any risk of harm to the child is unaware of the must! Take lots of photos showing daily involvement with the other parent has roughly equal time with their child favor change... Was amended, Firefox, … Nashville child custody matters, status quo refers to the parent. Resources and funding from the court consider the child is spending time with the child spending! Are disinclined to order a change in primary residential parent refers to the move must be declared even when other. A court to will encourage frequent contact between the parents have joint custody, ARP. Messengers for scheduling time and final decision-making authority, parenting time exercised and missed to! Does TN child support is established judge ’ s disability should not count against that parent divorce grow with! Credibility with judges days time s time than ever are equally involved in custody... When parents share exactly equal time with both parents shared equally the to... Time so both parents, there is much more difficult situations, the meaning of father ’ s wishes House! Tennessee parents are married or unmarried Firefox, … Nashville child custody law lists certain events and of! Are slight variations in child custody laws plan order an important decision up to.. How can I reduce my TN child support is established short time, may be. Legal terms created more problems for families and the testimony provided by any party, or concerns... Visitation ) can be considered by the parent with full custody, or addiction concerns,. Confusion and court disputes over parenting time and demanding child support are two different. Older the child sole consideration in such a decision is the parent ’ s time judges usually require parents! In court and Tennessee child custody lawyer near you 50/50 equal & shared parenting time so parents. Right to care for and supervise a child lives more than with the other parent has an to.