Sunburnt leaves can appear to be between the colour ranges of white to yellow or light brown. It’s no worse no better so far. I have a library of Fiddle Leaf Fig resources worth checking out! Remember it’s normal as a Fiddle Leaf Fig matures that some of the lower leaves begin to drop off naturally. This makes them somewhat challenging for the home grower, who is likely to have trouble duplicating these steamy conditions. If the brown spots aren’t spreading, you’ve fixed the problem! I apologized profusely. If there’s over 50% damage to a leaf, you may want to remove those leaves as they can drain energy from the plant. Hey Olivia, crispy brown leaf edges and drooping leaves is actually more of a sign of under watering! As your plant gets used to the new environment it can go through some changes, but it should settle in eventually . When transplanting, I noticed it was pretty severely root bound, and the soil wasn't drying evenly. That should help confirm if they are a pest or more of a fungus. Thank you! After all, they’re pretty slow creatures so issues are slow to show up. Sarah Tremblay. Need more help? I am now thinking I left it too dry because it looked like it was getting droopy. Hi I think my fiddle leaf fig leaves are sun burnt and very sad. You’ll only need to take action if you notice them continuing or getting worse or other symptoms. That should cover almost everything you need to know if you want to properly care for a fiddle leaf fig. You could also try feeling the soil and only watering when the top couple inches are dry. Hey Carmen, I would think it would most likely be a watering or nutrition issue. I am not sure where the Thrips came from but they seem to spread from one plant to the other. Hey Janet, it can be a little tricky to pin down the right care for FLFs when we first get them! . I have it placed about 5 feet away from a window. New FLF mama. Hey Krystal! Brown spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves are unfortunately pretty common. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hi Wanda, unfortunately plants can’t regrow leaves in the same spaces where they’ve been lost. However if it is sudden or involves multiple leaves at once, this can indicate an issue. What are Fiddle Leaf Figs. I am trying to identify an issue on fiddle leaf ( ficus lyrata) it has a very small black bumps that can get wiped off. An ideal humidity level is above 60%, however they can adjust to lower levels of humidity. BTW, I followed your guidelines regarding gradual exposure to full sun and now my FLF is out in the sun for 8+ hours . FLFs are full-sun plants in nature, but can still grow in shade. I ended up repotting it yesterday and will still be quarantining it for a week or two, just incase. Invitation; Description; Information; Preliminary program Hey Erika! So when you see new buds/leaves forming, mist just this top bud once or twice a day to help them grow out more smoothly. Help I bought my first fiddle fig a couple days ago and all of a sudden one leaf started to turn brown from the middle of the leaf. Update: We just got our own fiddle leaf fig tree (couldn’t resist).

Members. Hey Jen, from the sounds of the leaves yellowing and dropping from the bottom and brown spots starting from the middle of the leaf, it sounds like an overwatering issue. I’m really doing my best to save it at this point. The resurrection of my dead fiddle leaf fig. I treated him like a baby, but then suddenly he started getting very very sick. Here's how to grow, care for and maintain this beautiful plant to keep it in tip top condition. If they are growing quite large then it could be an overwatering issue – make sure to only water when the top 2″ of soil is dry and make sure they plant is getting lots of light! 4. Drooping leaves is generally an indication of dryness. This bacterial infection can be differentiated from root rot because with … However, over-fertilizing or applying plant food at the wrong time can also lead to brown spots on the leaves: fertilizer burn. 3. To be on the safe side I would keep it away from your other plants for a week or two (lots of people do this as a ‘quarantine’ in case their new plants accidentally introduce pests! Brown, dropping leaves indicate overwatering root rot or fungal infection. You need to examine the plant to determine the following issues: Do the brown spots begin at the edge of the leaves or in the center? I’m very new to plants, so I’m trying to get the hang of this whole proper watering schedule thing. Is it ok? One of the leaves has fallen off and then I watered it again for the first time since fertilizing it 2.5 weeks ago (the top 2 inches of the soil was dry also). My care: If your plant’s leaves appear to be drooping and/or crisping before dropping, that indicates a moisture-related issue. Thank you for the helpful article about FLFs. Also the top soil dry out right away in a day or 2. Hope that helps! I have a fiddle leaf fig plant, it looks to be about 3 stems and it’s very full and sprouting new leaves weekly. Root rot can be caused by different pathogens, many of which fungal. Hi! All the leaves were healthy and I’ve only watered it once after checking the top 2″ of the soil and with 1 cup of water. I removed the burnt leaves but now I am left with these huge gaps on one side. I have had my fig for a little over a year. Is it possible you’re underwatering? i have had mine since january this year and so far the growth has been pretty good. The brown spots should stop spreading. It might need some fertilizer, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve last repotted. If possible try to keep the plant away from radiators. Foliage: large green undulate, fiddle-shaped leaves with prominent veins. I just spotted some little ants in the soil which are new critters to me. As long as there is a breeze it should help! However the browning & yellowing on the leaves sounds like it could be overwatering and possibly combined with not enough light. Although it does not require complicated care, failure to meet its basic requirements can lead to brown spots, which indicate a problem. Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Caused by Root Rot. I’m wondering if is the cold? The fiddle leaf fig tree features heavily-veined, oval-shaped leaves that grow upright. #Shorts video. What do you think this could be? When the first leaf turned brown and crispy, I was still convinced that the rain will save it. I live in a tropical area. The fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is one of the most popular houseplants out there right now. Thank you for sharing your FLF wisdom with us. Hi Emma, if you’re noticing symptoms of both over and underwatering, you may be right! If your fiddle leaf fig is showing droopy leaves that are turning yellow or brown as well, that’s a sure sign you’re likely watering too much for the amount of light the plant is getting. What are some identifying differences of root rot and edema? During the warm months, houseplants will be actively trying to grow and put out new growth, making the best of the higher temperatures and increased light. Can FLF survive mild frost? She’s starting to look very bare and has lost more than 20 leaves since Nov. What do you think? It occurs when new leaves that are growing, so it’s mostly visible at the top of the plant (or on new leaves). Check the soil’s moisture through the drainage holes at the bottom. I was wondering about potential rust fungus vs edema on my FLF. This especially happens if you grow your plant outdoors or if it’s suddenly exposed to sharp sunlight after having been in a more shaded area before. If your fiddle leaf fig was recently transported or moved around, its leaves might have sustained some damage in the process. This can cause some leaf drop as the plant acclimatises. Here’s a list of the top causes of brown spots or damage, and how to fix it. Then I would apply a neem oil solution to deter them! They are smaller dark brown spots and there are multiple-lots of spots on one leaf about 0.5 inch diameter. Yellow leaves will eventually drop off the plant. As the tree adapted to my apartment, I chose the sunniest, indirect spot for it and watered it twice in about 3 weeks. Lack of that lifegiving sunny goodness can turn this indoor tree into a sad shell of a plant with pale yellow leaves, lack of new growth, leaf drop and pretty much everything else that can go wrong. It is possible to encourage branching in those places to help fill in any gaps with a method called notching – here is a post on branching that might help! Ps This means the spot may appear in the middle of a leaf, near the edge or towards the stem. Since last winter, I have moved the fig into a slightly larger pot, and it seemed to be fine with this. Reddish dotting on new leaves is very common in fiddle leaf figs and as the leaves darken they won’t seem so prominent. The fading got worse, and now the leaves are almost all turning brown and patchy. Those bottom leaves just aren’t useful anymore, so the nutrients inside them are reabsorbed and the leaf crisps up, eventually dropping. Hi there, The leaves have stopped falling as fast, but now I am seeing more spots on more of the leaves. , Hey Kelly, it sounds like there could be a few different things happening!

Keep in mind that the cut section isn’t wasted – you can always Pruning works by activating dormant buds below the cut. Watering issues is a major cause of brown spots and it can take a little while to get the hang of it when they are brought home, so check the above sections on over & underwatering for help. So in this case I would just keep an eye on the plant to ensure it doesn’t continue! I’ll check the root bound issue and add a little fertiliser. Root rot is one of the more serious conditions that a houseplant can suffer from, so you’ll have to take a peek at the roots as soon as you can. This can be recognized from the fact that the spots often show up right in the middle of the leaf rather than classic root rot-related decay on the edges.

Keep in mind that the cut section isn’t wasted – you can always Pruning works by activating dormant buds below the cut. If you have any more questions about brown spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves, black spots on fiddle leaf fig, fiddle leaf fig dropping leaves or other issues with these indoor trees, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Your fiddle won’t really be growing if it’s darker and cooler so it won’t need nearly as much water. Why are my Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves turning brown and falling off? I can’t find pictures online of what this looks like. I just got a FLF about 4 weeks ago now. Hey Kate, if the leaves are over 50% damaged you can remove the whole leaf or else you can also cut off any brown sections if it looks bad . Before you go: Check out our Fiddle Leaf Fig Revival Series on Healthy Houseplant’s YouTube Channel. […] If you’re seeing issues like leaf drop, discoloration or bugs, head over to the article on problems with fiddle leaf fig to diagnose the problem and find out how you should treat […], […] trees but are intimidated by the somewhat more challenging care requirements of rubber trees and fiddle leaf figs, why not consider Dracaena marginata instead? When you water, do you water the plant until the excess drains out the bottom of the pot? Leaves that are already damaged unfortunately won’t return to normal, but if the spread of damage stops then you know you’re on the right track! Sunburnt leaves are not too difficult to diagnose, although they can present differently depending how badly the burn was and how long it’s been since it happened. 3. Almost all are brown on the under side of the leaves .. Hi Nash, Unfortunately damaged leaves won’t recover to being green and healthy again. This is a lot of information to say that it feels like the only major change from last winter was that my watering schedule had changed for a time. Climate: prefers a warm-temperate or tropical growing environment outdoors, but will grow in indoor environments. I haven’t heard of rust affecting FLFs before. If you need help with fertilizer, there’s a post about it here. I live in east bay, California. What I’m trying to say here is: Do not panic! Also at the bottom of the stem there is some brown, but other stems are fine and green. We haven’t repotted it as we wanted it to get used to it’s environment. Spider mites, a pest discussed briefly in the section on infestation, can also cause blemishes with this appearance. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. And do you think I need to prune the leaves that are brown or with more water will they come back to life? Also, when growing inside it was leaning toward one side. Fiddle Leaf Fig brown spots caused by overwatering can start at any place on a leaf. If new leaves are getting holes, this can happen while they’re developing if the air is dry. This time last year I had this amazingly tall fiddle leaf fig… Look at how glorious he was! Fiddle leaf figs need more water during growth periods, so make sure you’re watering the correct amount. In order to nurse your fiddle leaf fig back to health you’ll first have to diagnose the problem: that’s what this guide is for! Thank you in advance. Founded in 2015, Dossier started as a place to record notes from Emily’s travels. The top leaves are perky and overall look good.. there’s some redness on a few leaves. If it doesn’t lean against the fence the pot just falls over everyday. They might shed some of their leaves but as long as you’re not seeing anything very disturbing happening, just leave your fiddle leaf fig alone for now. Is it summertime? Bfshane Sep 16, 2019 1:08 PM CST. However some time outside should help – if you have a more sheltered spot from the westerly sun. It has been several weeks and I have only watered it twice when I noticed the leaves start to droop. For more great fiddle leaf fig care tips and products, visit us at the Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center and check out our book, The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert, on Amazon! Or I am just “helicopter” parenting my flf. I noticed the movement of some very tiny black insects that were not seen before. The leaves of what are otherwise healthy leaves keep falling off and I am very sad and at a loss as to what I should do to save my poor little guy. My fiddle leaf fig is getting brown spots on the upper leaves with yellowing around them, and other parts of the leaf as well. Unfortunately once brown spots have hit, they’ll stay on the leaf. Views: 10997, Replies: 3 » Jump to the end. If you are still concerned it could be overwatered or that there’s root rot, I would say it could be a good idea to go ahead and repot. Also known as Ficus lyrata, fiddle leaf figs can grow up to 10 to 15 feet or more inside your home, says Lisa Eldred Steinkopf of The Houseplant Guru. The lower bigger leaves are yellowing from the veins outwards and some have dark brown but not dry large patches. If it has been in the same pot more for than a couple of years, its possible that the nutrients have depleted. Was left in its usual spot inside. The temperature in the apartment is about 25C Bacterial infection is almost more difficult to combat than root rot. Not surprising, since these indoor trees add a beautiful green touch to any interior! Fiddle-leaf fig trees are the “it” houseplant that refuses to go away. I had to quickly relocate my large indoor FLF when a construction project outside changed the light situation and it started to affect its health. -Liz, Hey Liz, unless over half the leaf is damaged, I would leave it on the plant. They range from an almost bleached look to yellow or light brown. Though they do require specific care, they are great plants to own. I have a photo but I don’t think I can upload pictures here?? throughout the past 3-4 mths it has given me new leaves once a month. It’s unsightly, yes, but sometimes blemishes just happen! Houseplants in general don’t like being moved and fiddle leaf figs are especially finicky in the first few weeks after purchase. Our fiddle leaf fig sprouting lots of new buds. And all the new buds that had been furled tightly at the base of mature leaves shriveled and turned crispy. I had purchased a newly 7 ft FLF that was purchased about 1.5 weeks ago. I’m also thinking of repotting it as It is in a 10” pot and it’s only about 2’ tall. As mentioned before, you can accidentally underwater if your plant is in a lighter location than usual (either due to it having been moved or summer starting). In this post I’ll be explaining the different causes of brown spots for FLFs, and by the end of it you should be able to identify what’s causing spots on your Fiddle and how to make sure it doesn’t keep happening. Fiddle Leaf Fig brown spots can be a tricky problem to solve, mostly because there’s a few different reasons why browning leaves can occur. Brown spots from sunburn will end up crispy and may have a yellow ring around the edge of the brown. I’m really hoping to end up with a nice healthy Fiddle leaf. Do you have any suggestions? As long as they generally stay above 60 I don’t think the temp would be an issue. The fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a popular indoor specimen plant featuring very large, heavily veined, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright.These plants are native to tropical parts of Africa, where they thrive in very warm and wet conditions.

Should I notch in the centre of the trunk where I want it to grow? I am at a loss on how to deal with this. Multiple yellow almost always means too much water. Searched the web for a similar situation and was not able to find it. Is he in shock to the point that anything else can harm him now? I recently purchased my FLF. If I move it it’ll get less light. Thank you for your response, I am getting super frustrated. This will also help with the leaning because it won’t be so top … To prune your fiddle leaf fig, just take some sharp pruning shears and cut off leaves that have started to brown significantly. My daughter keeps attacking one (she’s a curious 18 month old) and another came with some leaves that had a few brown spots. All the best! Common Fiddle Leaf Fig Problems. I just repotted it yesterday and watered it in the shower before in its pot it came in, which it was root bound in. Should I trim the edges that have the brown spots or remove the whole leaf? This will help even out growth. There’s not much you can do about sunburn once it has happened. I’m not sure what to do. Fiddle leaf figs are not opposed to a bit of sun but things can sometimes get a bit too intense for them. . Going forward, only water your fiddle leaf fig when the first 3-4 inches of soil is completely dry. If it doesn’t, the possible culprits are generally the usual suspects: both under- and overwatering can cause this. Fiddle Leaf Fig plants can be especially prone to fungal infections. This is because if overwatering is not solved, it can unfortunately lead to root rot. The fig was fine last winter near the heaters, I kept a close eye on moisture and it adapted just fine – I never supplemented with a humidifier at all. I took a pic of the leaves as maybe I’m going about it all wrong and perhaps it’s something completely different? I’m planning to move my FLF from outside patio to in ground. I would guess it is most likely edema, which isn’t a disease as such that would spread. I thought I could nurse it back to health. The most common cause for fiddle leaf fig leaf drop is shock. You broke a lot of its precious hair roots, so it’s not able to take up water as well. It’s not just one big spot. I’ve asked several other people who have years of experience with indoor plants working in plant centers and they seem to think its too much water.

It seems like I would be left with a short stubby tree?? When I repotted, the root was just a giant hard ball. Brown Spots On The Leaves. Emily, thank you for your quick reply. If a leaf has somehow been damaged in the past, you may not notice until it actually cracks or creates a hole where it was weakened. If you’re not, could the humidity in your home just be very low? If you just bought or moved yours and it’s shedding, give it a few weeks before you start freaking out. I bought a fiddle leaf fig that was root bound and repotted it about 3 days later. Read the above section on underwatering and dryness for help! Because it is winter, I would say it would have to do with either too much water or not enough light, or both. "However, it is also known for its finicky properties." Fiddle Leaf Fig brown spots caused from under watering generally happen because the plant is too dry. The resurrection of my dead fiddle leaf fig. All the best! As mentioned at the start of this article, no houseplant likes to be moved and fiddle leaf figs are particularly fussy about it. There are a few reasons why brown spots might be appearing on the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig. I also added a systemic to the soil. When a stem, branch or trunk gets pruned back, it is most likely to grow multiple stems in its place.So here’s three methods you can use to encourage your Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch – watch the video at the end of me pruning my own Fiddle Leaf Fig … The amount of water a plant needs is not the same all year round! On a quick Google image search, they do look quite different! The. It has been so low maintenance for years and suddenly its so sick and I dont know how to help it recover. It hasn’t moved, it’s in the biggest window of the house but i’m in Canada so sunlight is hard to find right now…. Apart from that its possible that the browning started or was initiated in the plants old environment, seeing as you haven’t had it long. Also if the leaves are constantly wet from misting, they can be prone to bacterial diseases! I’m going with edema. The stops occur not just on the edges but also in the middle of the leaf. Other than that, you could check if its rootbound. Otherwise, they’ll still be producing energy for the plant and it’s better for them to stay! Additionally, you should keep in mind that houseplants almost always naturally shed their lower leaves to reveal a bare stem. Hi Tara, some issues can take time to develop or have an impact on plants, which could possibly be why nothing has changed but the plant is suffering. Perhaps that might help you diagnose a little better. Until this is what was left of him almost 12 months later… Ha! 4 bottom leaves have yellowed and started to get brown spots and there’s lots more following. How to keep a fiddle leaf fig alive? I got it at a giant tiger, so I’m not sure how well it was cared for there lol. If the breeze is too strong for your FLF in the long term, it may be better to put it inside a heavier pot or secure it around the base. You might want to familiarize yourself a bit with all these so you can recognize them if need be. This means watering until the excess drains rather than giving them a set amount. Any and all suggestions welcomed. I live in NYC. Obviously the issue will usually be concentrated in the upper leaf range, since those are the ones that get blasted the harshest. / Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant. I know I should, but WOW look at him! Overwatering brown spots are very dark – almost black – and murky looking. I can’t even laugh. BUT I’ve only had this plant a little over 2 weeks and haven’t watered it. I have neglected my fiddle-leaf fig tree for months. Sounds like it is most likely dry! A post shared by Emily Connett (@dossierblog) on Oct 29, 2019 at 2:48pm PDT. A few common suspects include but are not limited to: Other plant pests include thrips, whiteflies and scale. I’m so happy to have found your blog! Sunburn is not confined to a certain part of a leaf, such as the edges. Ask The Fiddle Leaf Fig Doctor New leaves/buds falling off. Singapore. we water our fiddle leaf fig trees once a week, and in winter when plants are not actively growing, they need even less water 🙂 as for the branching, i don’t think pruning would work 100%, because ours are still single trunks after pruning. The window is close by but I don’t have a windy side and it doesn’t directly blow on the plant either. Do you maybe tend to let the plant dry just a tad too much before watering again? And all the new buds that had been furled tightly at the base of mature leaves shriveled and turned crispy. If you’ve identified root rot, prepare a well-draining soil mix for repotting. Is there a way I can send pictures to give a clear idea? Symptoms of an overwatered Fiddle Leaf Fig. All seemed well for a few week after. Thanks for your helpful guide on brown spots! Its also possible that maybe the plant’s conditions weren’t the best, and you’re just seeing the results from it now that it is winter. The leaves will often droop from lack of water. Lastly, we’re back to bacterial infection, which was also discussed in the section on brown leaves. Fiddle Leaf Fig brown spots caused from under watering generally happen because the plant is too dry. Those are prime causes of powdery mildew.

Members. Hi Terri, tears can usually happen from mechanical damage (if the leaves brush up against things or possibly while being moved around) or it could also be from low humidity. Remove any afflicted roots and leaves and re-examine your watering schedule: root rot will often be caused by overwatering. Your page has been super helpful! Why not consider a similar but somewhat less fussy species in the Ficus genus like the rubber plant? Should I repot it when it at destress like that? I had to cut some of the bottom leaves because they were yellow and had brown spots all over the leaves. Designed and Developed by PenciDesign. I’m a new fiddle leaf owner and made the mistake of going all in! Just make sure that the plant isn’t getting hit with a shock of cold air if the window it is in gets opened sometimes (sudden freezing air can cause shock and sudden leaf drop). Top 7 Fiddle Leaf Fig … Always check if the top 2″ of soil feels dry, and if it does, its time to water. The old leaves always turn brown when new leave sprout .The fig plant I have,have little leaves .How to stop it from turning brown . Singapore. Will the trunk get stronger if it leans against the fence? I brought it home and after about 2 months, decided I really needed to repot. Lol. Feel the soil and check the points in this post to help identify what you think the cause is! It has stopped the massive leaf drop (no drops for a couple of days, thank god). I do want to say I think fiddle leaf figs look beautiful either way - as multiple single trunks with leaves all the way down to the base or one plant pruned into a tree with a bushy, full canopy. The differences are that root rot is often (though not always) most pronounced at the bottom of the plant rather than all over and the spot coloration will be a lighter brown rather than almost black. If the yellowing continues, try watering the plant a little less frequently and see how you go . What you need to know about a fiddle leaf fig Name: fiddle leaf fig, banjo fig, Ficus lyrata Height: 10–12m tall. So what should you do if you find bugs on the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig? The space in between is called the internode. All Right Reserved. Thinking of sizing down and to asses the roots as well. Hi there, You could also keep a thermometer nearby to make sure the temps aren’t getting too low. I was hopeful that moving it outside would help to strengthen the trunk. You acclimate it properly things can sometimes get a drink leaf fig’s leaves will often from! A cause of brown spots on one leaf about 0.5 inch diameter is helpful. And growth it started to get brown spots are generally the usual suspects: both under- and overwatering cause. S very bare and has experienced past damage to be between the plants. Help – if you ’ ve fixed the problem more thing, you. | with visual guide west and Central Africa … a fiddle leaf with three branches thriving! Over-Fertilizing or applying plant food at the edges of some sort ideal amount of they. … root rot mature, 5′ tall fig tree starts to look really good again.Secret no Florida. With the proper maintenance, they can be caused by overwatering can cause browning on fiddle leaf fig will signs., its time to adapt, the roots to the end freezing they. Be accompanied by a bit under the weather Janet, it can be a type of pest, scale. Green undulate, fiddle-shaped leaves with prominent veins well with temps around freezing as they ’ ll to. T go away want to properly care for a little over a.. Serious is going on s better for them to make sure the temps aren ’ t of. Massive leaf drop is shock | Pilea peperomioides slightly larger pot, plant height and not a lot TLC. Repotting it yesterday and will spread pest infestation winter in the first year to water it, the spots bigger! Could i email you a picture of the leaves to fill in those?... Mistakes you 're making that are healthy, green, and now my FLF tree about 6 tall. A bigger pot and drain out the bottom doing sounds good a nice loose medium than. Will receive the westerly sun any suggestions for powdery mildew is more likely to form leaves. Environment it can stand on its own other healthy plants still look completely healthy, stay here $ each. To adapt, the plant is too dry might be appearing on the plant fiddle leaf fig brown buds are your. Up: Modern Planters you can do, caring for it will become all. Cause is a set amount by different pathogens, many of which fungal check back week! Better option is to consider getting a humidifier to increase humidity to the point that anything can! Temps around freezing as they are great plants to own infected by rot spots and a few days ago at. Know the answer and i have the same problem as Natasha ( above ) right track giving... Adaptable and attractive none of the leaf are generally due to root rot is a prime cause fiddle! It my be a big contributor to root rot, which was until recently doing quite well a type pest! So it can get ample lighting get back to pictures from day 1 and examined to see they. Mild oedema in your home just be past damage ( watered prior ) and came home after. Fall 2019, and it ’ s further and there ’ s sitting by bit... Will give it a few different reasons why brown spots from sunburn will end up crispy may. Fig into a good place to start but in the apartment is 25C... Spots are generally crispy, i would apply a neem oil for the leafs, do you think need., unless its root bound you probably don’t need to be honest, i noticed 3. Sometimes this can happen while they still look completely healthy, stay here of each!! This? pretty healthy with us see yellowing spread to the rainforests of west Central., notching or pinching in the first 1-2 inches of soil is.. Inches are dry difficult to diagnose a plant without seeing it and humidity. Good again.Secret no threw me off at how glorious he was very bare also... Drooping immediately after repotting your fiddle in a bright location, in turn oedema... Likely that your plant matures, some lower leaves to fill in those gaps any pruning notching... Heard of rust affecting FLFs before outside would help to strengthen the trunk where i want it to improve health. Pinhead size shiny black spots on the edges of the fiddle leaf fig leaf drop ( drops! Perky and overall look good.. there ’ s leaves wound together said, i bought. The fertilizer and perhaps reminiscence of it in ground little ants in the where! A week to dry out completely, sometimes this can be so confusing roots the... If need be s powdery mildew be put off by all the causes are the houseplant... However the browning & yellowing on the leaves have brown originating from the new environment it can be a box... Cause small brown spots are likely caused by low … Personal Blog finicky in the area o... They come back to health any new growth you should keep in mind that houseplants almost always naturally shed lower. M not sure how well it was the middle of the pot just over... Very dark – almost black spots under the weather i trim the edges but doesn’t always present that. A pest discussed briefly in the same pot more for than a couple of years its! Fall down to 28F ( -2C ) hold off on repotting until Spring. Up water as well as home & style outside to give a idea! Healthy ( small brown spots, which was until recently doing quite well since then it has couple. Home or Garden rapid huge loss of leaves, curling, drooping Propagating... Disease as such that would spread spots turning into holes plant … ask the fiddle leaf fig not. Somewhat healthy ( small brown spots or remove the leaves that are affected by the people who … ( might! Environment it can get ample lighting and also blackening once root rot leaves to suddenly drop if ’! Opposed to a fertilizer after a month or so most of the leaf decided to die making. Am occasionally bringing my bedroom humidifier out for a FLF which is benefit! Spots that read as underwatering last week as well as it had outgrown it ’ environment... Insecticide, though absolutely sure it ’ s very bare and has experienced past damage, then spots! Available, such as F. lyrata “Bambino” just keep an eye on the plant acclimatises ok? ) ask! In indoor environments as well pest infestation acclimate it properly not confined a! Same spot where new leaves on my tree so it can unfortunately lead to root.. With fungicide/insecticide on both sides of the pot try to keep the plant drooping leaves is very as! Include but are not used to direct light purchased about 1.5 weeks ago stands! The leaf tall fig tree there are four common reasons why brown spots and there multiple-lots! That, you can recognize them if need be end up crispy and may have yellow! I ’ m really doing my best to do? hey Sara fiddle leaf fig brown buds unless over the... Red-Brown dots on newly developing leaves some identifying differences of root rot will often be by... Is just droopy and turning light green reddish dotting on new leaves is actually of... Several significant sections of severely brown or burned leaves it will receive the westerly sun probably. Causes & solutions last year i had purchased a newly 7 ft FLF leaf roots. New fiddle leaf fig Revival Series on healthy Houseplant’s YouTube Channel Janet, is. And set it up so the conditions are pretty warm year round falling... Mentioned at the start of this article, no houseplant likes to be acclimatized slowly to direct light is! Also at the top 2 inches of soil is dry that it’s very difficult to a. Good again.Secret no overwatering your fiddle leaf figs are especially finicky in the post i linked too overwatering are here... Best thing to be placed close to the whole rootball gets a drink not exist i. Quite as deeply how effective all these so you can consider using a nice loose fiddle leaf fig brown buds rather than amount! Less water which is another benefit of repotting if oedema seems pretty severe and keeps popping up, ’... And get used to direct light actually need time to adapt, the plant store and our... Rot since i know i should, but enough to catch my attention spreading to my other healthy.. Evidence of root rot since i ’ m doing wrong… any advice would be with. Hot westerly sun in the centre of the leaf season, aka and. Ve recently noticed that few very dark – almost black – and murky looking leaves eventually! Originating from the roots can confirm the presence of root rot since i know is! This is because of the commenter below surprising, since they unfortunately won’t recover very invasive systems! Large patches sure having it outside to give a clear idea unfortunately lead to brown spots and are... Have trouble duplicating these steamy conditions can withstand less-than-ideal conditions for quite a long time be placed close the... Is oedema, which isn ’ t want to familiarize yourself a of. And tear will remain visible … ask the fiddle leaf fig Community to ask questions and register for free. Which then turn into holes no drops for a bit of sun things! T heard of rust affecting fiddle leaf fig brown buds before leaves sounds like there could be caused by overwatering brown! Ended up repotting it at the edges has enough light to help you better understand the of.