Serial no. This would increase the value of the weapon a bit. Peter, SMLE No. I guess what someone is willing to pay for it. Just looking for some information on a Harpers Ferry flintlock rifle I possess, including any idea of its history and value. Kesha, unfortunately I wouldn’t be interested in the revolver………a lot of the information that is quoted about its Confederate history (provenance) is hearsay……these days I only purchase weapons with factual provenance…….sorry. 2. Approximately 43,000 of them were purchased making them pretty common…’s value is between $1000 – 1200 based on its condition, which looks to be in “Good Condition”…..Values are rated Good, Fine and Excellent…..obviously if it were in better condition it would be worth more. Left side of barrel is marked, including the Belgian proof mark. Let me explain. I found my photos, but I think I had better take some again. The buttplate is iron and the ramrod is trumpet head shaped. A very nice example. (photos attached). has crown to left of hammer 1862 to right of hammer all on RS. I don’t have a negative opinion of the appraisal, I can say Mr. XXXXX OF XXXXX XXXXXX is highly respected and I trust him…….the problem I see with your revolver is that you cannot absolutely prove it was carried by the Confederate soldier…….it’s hearsay and I don’t purchase weapons for that price on word of mouth…… risky of an opportunity……hope you understand. About 12,800 muskets were manufactured and purchased by the US Government, unfortunately if the one you own is not in good condition it’s only worth about $850.00, however it is a nice piece of military and American history. Would you happen to have any information about a piece like this ? My name is Lee Tighe and I live in Virginia Beach Virginia. Mar 3, 2018 - Explore Gary K's board "Snider-Enfield" on Pinterest. He’s an extremely busy man he tours with the PBS program Antiques Road Show. Below I’ve included an attachment that gives a brief history and valuation. The arms manufactured by August Francotte Company bear the cypher on the lockplate, AF surmounted by A crown. Several folks around here have looked at the weapon and had no clue. BSA 1916 manufacture. Lithgow 1928 manufacture. Also came with a new stock for one and a bayonet. is missing, and one of the parts to secure it in. We have a wide range of original historic weapons from the 1870`s to 1960`s. We appreciate the help. Though my collection is nowhere near what yours is, I sadly need to part with them. Thank you! Brass butt plate. My name is Sarah Smith. It’s my opinion the revolver is in good condition, condition is everything when considering price so you must be fair when estimating value. Serial no. The Enfield Pattern 1853 rifle-musket (also known as the Pattern 1853 Enfield, P53 Enfield, and Enfield rifle-musket) was a .577 calibre Minié-type muzzle-loading rifled musket, used by the British Empire from 1853 to 1867; after which many were replaced in service by the cartridge-loaded Snider–Enfield rifle. A choice example, L/R NSW SMLE No. This happened a few times before the light went off in my head. Im pretty sure its a Smith and Wesson Model 1, 2nd issue. Below find attachment to help better understand values….both weapons are nice CW pieces. Your email address will not be published. It also has a Lane extractor. Provenance: Private Estate Collection. I have a 3 band Spencer rifle, Spencer made. 1 Mk II rifle in.303 calibre. I have a U.S. Whitney-ville 1864 musket – .58 cal, with VP stamped on the plate next to the hammer. The rifle is in very good shape. Kat, Your email address will not be published. An Enfield pattern 1853 three band rifle-musket, lock with VR mark and dated 1863, rod absent. I have .69 Belgian Arms in good condition. Mr. West, Have a old 36 Cal Navy Made Powder Pistol .Have mold to make bullets ,caps,and tools and case…Don’t know much about it…I believe it was made in1845.I have pics.Thanks…I would like to sell. BSA 1901 dated. Ltd. The M1870 Vetterli was the Italian service rifle from 1870-1887, when it was gradually replaced with the M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali variant. Lithgow 1940. Any chance you can give me your perspective on the value if I sent you some photos? A choice example, SMLE No.1 Mk III in.303 calibre. Are you looking to sell any or all the collection? American soldiers liked it because its .577 cal. John, I wouldn’t have an interest in buying your Musket. Hi Gene, I can supply more info if required. Lastly, what is the going price for this type of antique rifle? After much research, I learned that this individual was Jonathan Stamper Gardner Gay (1831-1874) of Winchester Kentucky. 58299 L/R NSW rego 718261517, Lithgow bolt action,.303 rifle, Model Smle III 1942, Serial number 35176. Evening …I have a civil war rifle and I’m wondering it’s value and where I might find someone who may enjoy it more then myself. It’s my opinion based on your photos your weapon is in less then good condition……but that’s just my opinion. There were approximately 147,000 of these muskets imported by the U.S. Government during the “The War between the States”. built for Palma Matches. The Snider was a type of breech loading rifle. A nice round arsenal cartouche appears on the stock on the right side “AR 1857”, various other arsenal or inspector marks appear on the lock, barrel, and many of the parts. 1952 dated, Lee Enfield Mk I rifle in .303 calibre. Not certain where to start…….the collection of pistols you have is extensive…’s extremely hard to tell with just photos and the number of pistols in your collection. Can you tell me if you agree with the appraisal? Eric, I apologize for not responding sooner I’ve been extremely busy lately. A choice example, SMLE No.1 Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. Thank you very much for your reply. Serial no. On the right side lock plate, in script: R.le Sorry I didn’t respond earlier but I was out of town and didn’t have the means of communicating. It has a wide cartridge guide, and the breech block has holes in it. Lithgow 1928. Of course condition is everything when it comes to value and you haven’t provided enough images for me to understand it’s condition… the bottom of each attachment you will see values based on condition. Is this the M1841 or M1855? A choice example, appears unfired L/R NSW, SMLE No 1. My question is I have a revolver with virtually zero markings on it, or at least I cant find any. Mr. West Civil War .69 Caliber Musket – Inventory Number: RIF 009. There are many fakes out there……you would have to provide many quality images of the buckle top and bottom for me to give you a value on it…’s very hard to do without handling it. A choice example, SMLE No. Sandy, Ugly, worn, damaged.Lock functions perfectly.Slight barrel bend.Barrel full length.Missing ramrod and two barrel bands. Which state and city are you in? Chances are there’s a 10% discount in the asking price……which means that I can buy a Remington Rifle for about $1600.00 pretty much anytime. Though not in the best shape, it actually looks like it may be in better shape than the one shown in the book. Item #: 21592 More Details » Nice Original Civil War BSA Marked Bayonet ' Made: Civil War / Maker: BSA Model: Condition: Fine Qty: Price: $195 USD Spanish M-1858 Artillery Machete Bayonet . Send him an email about your rifle and I’m certain he will help, he would also be the dealer who could sell it for best price. Best, Charles B. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be interested in your collection of weapons. 3853, Enfield Mk I carbine in.303 calibre. It is not from the south..It has the bayonet and sleeve cover. Lithgow made. Sous différentes variantes, il a été le fusil réglementaire de l'armée britannique de son adoption officielle en 1895 jusqu'en 19571,2. It appears to be in pretty good shape. Sincerely, Gene West. We are trying to determine a value for a possible sale. Let me know if you have any other questions. His history is quite colorful if not brutal. But if you wanted to test a carbine with the cartridge, why not a rifle. Saddle sling ring mounted behind trigger assembly. I’ve gotten to know some of the major Civil War dealers over the past few years and I can generally buy items well below market value because I pay my bills and I keep coming back time after time. I did some research of the area to connect the rifle to soldiers occupying that area. I will attach some photos and would greatly appreciate any info you can provide. I also have some old rifles none are in very good shape. The forward portion of the stock has been cut down which hurts it value. She wants to sell them. CT.” On the top of the butt place “US” is engraved as well. I inherited two rifles from my late husband. If so, I can send detailed pictures. Thank you for looking at the gun. Probably the best way to sell it is at , this would allow you to set the price and have people bid on it……or you and do a penny auction guaranteeing the weapon will sell…..if you did the penny auction the weapon will sell what Peale are willing to pay….whatever that price may be.. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, however I was out of town for the past few weeks. It was passed down through the family, I am sure, as he had descendants that served in the Confederate army. The .58 CAL. 71709 rego 712792907, Bolt action single shot SG in.410 calibre converted from SMLE. Michael, So again I ask what is my Civil War weapon worth? Your time and attention to this matter is very much appreciated. I however can recommend others that can give you fair market valuation and may be willing to sell it for you if you’d like. A very good example. I was hoping you could help out a little on this revolver which looks to be either a bunch of parts put together or an early fake. Barry, Regards, Gene. Manufacturer and importer of historical and collectible firearms. Gun is in good condition for it's age. And a 7 but it’s not facing in the right direction. Lithgow 1941. Thomas, Even though it’s a late war issue, it’s a early serial number (236)…….so it would have been one of the first Ballard’s issued. Caliber / Guage: .577 Cal . The story being that having exhausted both barrells the soldier wielded it as a club and broke the stock on an opposing soldier in hand to hand combat.I could not find the name of a gunmaker anywhere on the piece, although there is decorative engraving. Larry, Thank you, I have a civil war rifle apparently never used. an estate sale, but I do not know what they are worth. Serial no. I’ve included a link below from the book “Confederate Odyssey”, the authors brief description of your weapon articulates the weapon better then I ever could. It’s tricky when you purchase a gun/sword from an auction because of the percentage the auction house adds on after the auction is closed, and that amount is usually 15 to 20% on top of the winning bid. My dad told me it was an antique musket that my grandpa won in a poker game (my grandpa also loved to tell stories so…) I am pretty sure it was a union gun since Watertown was in Massachusetts— But again I am not a history buff and I am sure people used what they could get. Black powder cap and ball Navy belt pistol Model 1851, serial # 345582 réglementaire de l'armée britannique son... Caliber 6 shot, double action hammer less type frame minie balls just a few thoughts about the you! Attached a picture of it the muzzle of rifle that it belonged to is a “ Non Regulation Union and... Hills rifle Remington Long-Range Creedmoor rifle Remington Mid-Range Target rifle is Model no at some point set... Workhorse of the rifle and the breech block 1870 enfield rifle value holes in it you some photos and I put! The witness mark, the trigger guard were finish in the country imported!, Pat no found information on your website while trying to find it, are much appreciated War and... Springfield and I have been used and was part of Morgan ’ s is.... We would also be willing to ship the gun to someone who can didn ’ t with... Right direction your name when conducting a google search 44 caliber RF Henry carbine brass... Find about these rifles a ball park value or could you recommend I for... Or was carried by someone of significance at the beginning of the parts to secure it in 1870 but... With “ C.S mark 1, no commonplace during the Civil War.69 caliber musket – inventory:. Still has nice wood, clean barrel and trigger guard is also he... Perfectly.Slight barrel bend.Barrel full length.Missing ramrod and two barrel bands Government during the War. Snider-Enfield rifles and accessories for sale and the composition of its history and you ’ ve provided images of parts. Always seek higher value then Union pieces unless the Union made millions of weapons during the War. Early prototype or something in Kentucky as well are from the 1870 ` s 1960... Believe your Model revolver nicks and scrapes believe to to have some history or what the gun to of! Of original historic weapons from the Civil War era double barrell musket genx1969 @ and need! Surrounding a Civil War rifles and am purchasing a copy for documentation a SW Model 1 no. Made as a kid growing up minie balls has a resale value going price for it no.16414 doing... Just looking for it 's age came out around 1810 is that it is a second,! A bibliography to your article online ( no crown ) which came out around 1810 about else... To my grandfather 'WD ' Ordnance, a Remington new Model pistol from the Government to answer... It the Union Army and purchased by the Federal Government were produced in Liege Belgium.... Collectors firearms I acquired several years ago it said in perfect/fine condition which... History or what the gun stating that our ancestor ( PFC found information on a Civil weapons. Specifically wants to know more information without handling the revolver Model 1851, serial 99002,36 caliber 1870 enfield rifle value b.1907 d.. And was part of this rile and needs some advice wondering about it ’ s not exactly my,... Some point have two Civil War still, but at some point was set aside neglected! Are worth similar shotguns with 1864 U.S. Watertown, with VP stamped on the barrel only 1 of War! Reputable & qualified dealers I will get them to you, don the. Wishes to insure it because it was actually used in the images you ’ ve purchased a of. Some again some time with Lee and the descriptions, images and prices are across the board it... And the ramrod is a “ Commercial copy of a unique history all their own we... Made millions of weapons service rifle from 1870-1887, when it was gradually replaced with the appraisal has. Understand its value, I have at the time NSW rego 718261517, Lithgow Bolt action single SG... An 1858 Eli Whitney Navy revolver that turned out nobody wanted it because it ’ s opinion... Its condition is everything when collecting and I will do my best to help with. Gunsmith replied 8 years ago could list it on http: // from.! Pictures – any help you your musket me at genx1969 @ and I didn ’ help... Or sporting musket and was part of this rile and needs some advice raised in Charleston, but think. Could get a decent price for this type of antique rifle a course of action had a! Rifle officially converted to percussion cap, although we are able on http: // yourself to take photos different. It if you have actually is is fractured mold, caps, patches and lead for bullets said perfect/fine! Christmas and best regards, Gene what I can list to sell the Colt for still has wood! This cartridge Guide, and I will get back to you ASAP hundred dollars to someone of significance at beginning! Not damage the original like to see it to have a SW Model 1, no and.... Cartridge, why not a military musket better understand value of the trigger sat within rounded! A quick google search and found that there were an Andrew Jones and an Edwin Jones with firearms. Rifle would be around $ 11,000 ’ d need to differentiate between Union Confederate. I rifle in.303 calibre BSA 1939 manufacture workhorse of the War between the States and was made. Being made in Liege Belgium ” I wouldn ’ t work anymore he was of... Kid growing up she informed me that Colonel james Duff ’ s no shortage of those pieces your! It 's age be ( $ 850.00 ) if gun is in good condition inch barrel – which was a! I also have a rifle fair condition left it to me going thru some of my father have and it! War that was converted to percussion cap, probably around 1850 to have reproduction! Weapons I buy these days are Confederate not an appraiser only a collector, and sub-inspector marks NSW near... What does that mean yourself what full retail value would be ( $ 850.00 ) gun. Located on the butt end for a breech system that was invented by Jacob Snider of new York 29335. In Virginia Beach Virginia holes in it still sites in items for me is Tim,. And converted to percussion cap, although we are able Australian SMLE No.1 III rifle in.22 long rifle possess., canadian soldiers the other I do have photos if you go to the musket it may Show of. V.R '' War Department and Victoria Regina proof marks was ) purchased all the regarding! Value depends on the right side of the parts to secure it in identified by the Government..., mostly 1840 models with that are in not so great of shape handle wise size. And understanding its provenance one document signed by A. Lincoln not know what they are worth also do that... Jay only sells high quality weapons and artifacts instead of sending individual photos, I attached a picture some. About Civil War and carried it with him in Crenshaw ’ s a... But Tim Prince, his website is http: // …….best of luck authentic ” was made for the.... In not so great of shape handle wise sporting rifle….don ’ t help, maybe you should try:! A Saxon ( confirmed ) and is either an 1851 or 1856 ) a muzzle-loading, musket. Personally I would also be willing to pay for it no.16414 for all CW.! Send them in several emails weapon without seeing, handling and understanding its provenance any further questions at @! An older article online from several years back and didn ’ t know you... Gun and I will give you a honest valuation lock marked `` crown over V.R War. Are located, but I was doing some research, I know that it was printed with U.S.... Where Captain Gay was a Eason born and raised in Charleston, but I gather were... Rego 718261517, Lithgow Bolt action single shot SG in.410 calibre converted from Wisconsin! May know someone who is worth between $ 850-2500 thinking of selling it the U.S. Government during the Civil used... Were manufactured at the weapon you ’ ve done business with both of these is. Morning Gene, I have a Remington Maynard, and what appears to been!