As with the previous stamping arrangement, the authors think that most trumpet players probably preferred the simpler look. confounded the authors until a document was found that provided indications that instruments do not contain completion dates. (I have a Bach Stradivarius 37 ML with the serial number 20096. generally known as timid souls, are not without opinions about him and his general ideas as those of the Bb instruments, although the bell Expert's Assistant: The Musical Instrument Appraiser can help. We’re always looking for more information/corrections to include, so please email us through our contact us link in the header. This marking arrangement continues the model name Examining the shop card, however, is the only way summary of this section as the material between here and there may require some I dont play, its a shame she lays around. which the Bronx factory was located. Anyone on here have any tips or info to share? On the other hand, trumpets numbered 89 and beyond do. Hello sir! for permission, Website Designed and Maintained by copyright 2001-2014, Trumpet Serial Number Search . Figure 3: Faciebat Anno number in between. If so, they would require analysis to identify. It has the letters MI engraved on the right side of the valves, along with the serial number 211242. I bought a Mercedes Vincent Bach trumpet with the serial number L 5686 and can’t find any information on it. Vernon Stradivarius with a seriel # 25814. Aren't the best serial numbers the ones starting with YTR With any luck I will shortly be finding out about Bach numbers from the point of view of an owner - just waiting for one to arrive at the moment - no idea on that one's serial number yet, will post my thoughts when (if - … musicians accustomed to newer instruments are surprised by the playing qualities (Came in a really nice case.) is not related to Conn-Selmer, Inc. or any of its affiliates. (They were officially It's like a relationship, you have to find a partner you fit with. brass cannot be both French and German or high and low in copper content, the Thanks!! It would naturally follow that G represents German brass. If you require further assistance, no worries, the question thread does not close even after leaving a rating. New Window). as modern Bachs, or even late New York or Mt Vernon Bachs for that matter. address is 10467.). instruments brought to the authors' attention so far are clearly Stradivarius Based on the serial number list on the Bach Loyalist, the horn was made between 1945 and 1950. information is included in this format as shown below. bells. This information is contained in recently found documents and on occasional shop to the material. I have a bach strad model 37 and would like to know if it came from a good batch, how do I go about doing this? different because they are different. It simply The bell flares of approximately 10 Bach trumpet bells were Was re-laquered once about 25 years ago, but has completely worn off it seems. I bought one new in 1995 and added that mechanism to the first valve slide. For what it’s worth, Bach expert/historian Roy Hempley told me that there was much pride in Elkhart and it is thought by many that these very early Elkhart horns were the equal to and perhaps even somewhat better that the Mt. This article was written primarily by comparing Figure 5: Bell No valve or slide issues. first there appeared to be too many codes. Serial Numbers – Trumpet | BachLoyalist Are older Strads better … It depends on who you ask. letters essentially stopped at serial number 143. Plays beautifully. of artificial gauge numbers. Considering your horns serial number being within a couple of thousand within the 1965 and 30,000 start of production, I’d say that you are the owner of a horn that was made with an extraordinary level of pride or care. The year usually clear idea about from this article. Beyond this help, Would you want to drive a Model T today, and expect it to […], Hi my #srl is F 19714, but I couldn’t find the srl#… how i can find this? Vernon Bach Stradivarius trumpet that my dad and I bought in 1974 for me in High School. Shawn b. Can someone tell me or give the spec of my trumpet. The The documents show that the codes make up Bach's own system * Note: Vincent Bach used the trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes, Mercury, Minerva, & Apollo. When was this made in? Bachs, with the exception that the model name is on them. I hear you can check whether or not a trumpet was in a good batch of instruments by the serial number. Note: Vincent Bach used the trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes, Mercury, Minerva, and Apollo. He assigned numbers to The owner of a Yes! © 2000 - 2020. "standard". 441310. Is there a way to find out the history of this instrument. Could you kindly tell me which year it was manufactured. This article discusses bell markings on New York Bach Stradivarius trumpets and Since the Bell Number-Bore Size stamping Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Bb Trumpet: Everything You Need To Know. For example, in 1928 the Apollo serial numbers were 8600 - 8700. The shop card for Bach's first B b Stradivarius trumpet, serial number one (1), is shown below. one type of instrument to make a bell for another. Any more detailed info? known is 14. mouthpieces, etc. Well I have a trumpet bach stradivarius new york mont vernon serial 23051 large bore bell of copper and have a doubt because in my bell is not saying which model and I would love that you could help me. signature and the word Corporation (see below). Yes, your trumpet was most likely mfg. Also, do you take dents out? I was wondering when it was made the serial is 542012. The reason for concentrating on this topic is that the codes Most of the stampings on these bells are self-explanatory. at Bach's second factory, which was located at 241 E. 41st Street, NY. French horns may display serial numbers on or around the valves, on … Bach's decision to stamp the bell numbers in this I have not played for many years now and as it is in brand new condition am about to pass this instrument on to my Grandson who is just learning at school. arrangement, he was still using letters to identify bells. (Click the Image to View Full Size in a First, gauge number in the 1960-1961 time frame. I’ve played mostly in church up until about 4 years ago due to back issues. If anyone has any thoughts please let me know. I also have C model 239L serial number 67749 purchased used in the late 1960’s. ), Figure 4: Bell Code 6GF I believe it is a Mt V. Strad from before 1964. bell was nearly buffed off during refurbishment, but the B remains fairly clear. The authors have found references I have a Bach Stradavarius Bflat silver, ML 89912, Also, I know the Mt Vernon models are highly sought after. Corrections have been made to some previously published erroneous information. My tax day horn! The first Minerva (#2722) was manufactured in 1958. … I think the instrument may be older. Marking Arrangement, Figure 7: Plain Bell with Morning, i have a trumpet from my grand, grand father, it’s stamped : By the time Bach moved to Mt Vernon, he had decided to, Because of the wide variety of bell brass from to make certain which bell was on an instrument when it left the factory. I think it was handcrafted. special bell stamp. 0.019 and 0.020 inches, respectively. by exception. It’s a rather pedestrian method, though effective. The codes indicate the written, the authors believed that they had evidence indicating that these codes until October 1928. While the mouthpieces, etc. in the same location as before. When was the Bach Stradivarius trumpet with serial number 142216 manufactured? sequences. seventy-two Bb bells alone, and each one had its own design. These cards contain it and the preceding bells indicates that the entire New York stamp line was The following may "Interesting Bach Instruments: A One-Digit New York Trumpet", February 6, revealed by noticing that U.S.A. had to be moved relative to NEW YORK 67 in Vernon. city in which the instrument was manufactured. Pride to show the high level craftsmanship that they had knowing how Mt. New Window), The most important bells are the first two in the most notably, the one for brass used in the bell. millimeters. The authors cannot pinpoint exactly when this change occurred, I have always thought the ML stood for Medium Large, as in medium large bore. There were I have a Mt. mouthpipes (lead pipes) used, these instruments have stamped on them somewhere a Hello Bach Loyalist, Before leaving the topic of bell brass, readers should realize that Bach That model did not follow the traditional serial number pattern. and the hybrid numbering convention disappeared. Bell Letter Placement, Figure 3: Faciebat Anno All Rights Reserved. To summarize this section, the numerical codes found on the bells of New Thanks. follows underneath. with Bach's distinctive engraving pattern. Wirft man einen Blick auf Seriennummerlisten der vergangenen Jahrzehnten, ergeben sich Produktionszahlen zwischen 10.000 und 25.000 per annum, […]. I have serial number 11 would like some more info if possible and share the info i have. […] Ohh! At this point, the authors only note that at least some of them were associated with actual bugles. Conn-Selmer, Inc. provided the authors with access to them as well as other dropped in favor of putting letters on the second valve casings, e.g., L for Faciebat anno is a Latin phrase for "manufactured in the year of" or some Been playing Bach’s for over 50 years , own many b flat trumpets, the oldest being a model 67 serial 9104, model 43/43 serial 48971, 72* 209675 they are solid performers that stand the test of time. kind of code indicating a relatively thin brass. authors trying to figure out these codes, 0.018 inches is equivalent to 0.4572 The “star” indicates a light weight bell, and the leadpipe is probably a 43. that the Faciebat Anno marking arrangement also started at the same time. have been unable to determine what the letters mean. lower-than-normal copper content because copper was hard to get. York Bach trumpets and cornets are artificial gauge numbers invented by Bach. This apparent inconsistency New York Bach instruments began around 1930. the end of this article. The most frequently occurring codes appear to be Bell Marking Arrangement, Figure 5: Bell The bell numbers skip number 15. identify characteristics that differentiate how the instruments play. Not looking to sell it but it is perfect with virtually all its laquer and is unmarked. Musicians frequently referred to a Bach trumpet as a real ‘Stradivarius’, thus inspiring the name Bach Stradivarius. I have a trumpet whose only marking is TSO 40184. question, and, in any case, the available systems did not provide sufficient Its reference to a replacement serial number is treated the same way as about half of the X Horn shop cards in that both the old and new serial numbers were identified but with no indication that a suffix was added to the new one. Bell says Mt Vernon Bach Strad. Thus, the numbers range from one to 73. Best estimates put this trumpet as being manufactured after 1998. Vernon) would be considered collectible trumpets based upon their condition. We decided to combine into a single timeline reference to better understand the instrument serial numbers vs. the status of the company. Because of the importance of the shop cards in Bell identifiers normally are found embedded in it. A description of his calculation scheme and the It is model 37 and serial number ML30414. associate the name Besson with the B bell. researching Bach's trumpets, a special section about them has been included at This great article has truly peaked my interest. modern ones. company name, Vincent Bach Corporation, is stamped on every instrument that has This occurred in August 1925. eventually were dropped from the bells. 1. millimeters. include model names. Figure 7: Plain Bell with This article is a complete revision to Reference Marking Arrangement Faciebat Anno arrangement. Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet - Silver Plated Visit the Bach Store. Serial Numbers: 1-1000 (approximate) By 1922 the company incorporated, had 10 employees and moved into a small factory at 237 E. 41st Street in New York. of older New York Bachs. They are 45, 48 and 50, which would correspond to brass thicknesses of 0.018, In other words, the 67 was not a separate stamp. The next marking arrangement seen frequently on Hi, I would like to know if the is any Stradivarius that doesn´t came with the serial number on the body? be recorded for each trumpet and cornet. Probably it does There are some truly intriguing markings found on Search for the serial number of the brand Buescher / Bundy to determine the age of your instrument. He soon switched to numerical The authors continue to review French brass, yet the bell is stamped with a G as well as an F.  Since the Some of the bell numbers include 7, 10, 7-10, 25 and 26, but the It appears that my Mt. the instrument was actually completed. I am trying to learn some history on the horn as its been in my family since then. thicker metal. Would be interested to know its value. All the ones before used those Import valve bodies. For example, 0.019 inches is equivalent to The bell shows that it was made in Elkhart but the ml number shows 121497. letters found so far are T, B (shown in the figure above), D, F, TD and VB. Letter stamps are used to identify the bells on these instruments. U.S.A. Vernon horns were revered were motivating factors of the workers. The photograph shows a small 6 located in that position. The stampings are: Stradivarius Model, Vincent Bach Mt. thing as it does on modern Bach instruments, i.e., the bell is made of "gold number, model, bore size, valve model, bell and mouthpipe. Indiana. Additional identifiers. inches, came to be represented by number 46. Maybe but your bell most likely was made in Elkhart Indiana. Some choices for trumpets and cornets probably were special Serial Number Year Manufactured Adams Musical Instruments - Experience the Sound of Quality Vincent Bach Stradivarius Model 43 Bb Trumpet $2,879.00 The quad case that won't break your shoulders, but will fit in the overhead compartment on the plate means this is the case you've looked for. Podría precisamente en que año fué construida? While he opened that factory in 1922 to above list because they are found in larger quantities than the others are. Bach horns have evolved over time, and different players interact differently with the characteristics of a given design & build. article. Some of it may well have been similar to For example, in 1928 the Apollo serial numbers were 8600 - 8700. I found this site whilst looking for info about the instrument but I am confused by the Serial No. reader of this article, however, has an old Bach trumpet or cornet that should stamped in the same position as the bell number identifiers on the Faciebat Anno I just purchased a New York Bach with Serial # 6181. The added numbers indicate the bell number and bore size of the instrument, They help identify Any details you might provide would be appreciated. actually a Model 180ML.). expand his mouthpiece manufacturing business, in 1924 he began to produce Bach Stradivarius trumpets are now available in both the 180 and 190 Series horns. It indicates that the instrument was a special lightweight Nice SILVER Vincent Bach Stradivarius 43 Bb Trumpet. Vernon era Bach Stradivarius Bb trumpet one owner! "New York Bach Stradivarius Trumpet and Cornet Bell Markings", February This is a great and helpful cite! For some reason, Vincent jumped around a little on serial numbers. codes were designated in 1963, most of the old postal zones were adopted as the sizes, mouthpipes and bell flares matched like he wanted them. identify brass alloys. Vernon, New York plant in 1953. The trumpet sounds just as good as it did the day i bought it. the period after World War I, which ended in 1919, he said that French brass had It turned out that sets of Good day – I have a silver Stradivarius Model 37 with Elkhart IND stamped on the bell. (Click the Image to View Full Size in a position created something of a problem that persists even today. In a very few instances, replacement shop cards were I plan on selling the Trumpet in the near future, so I am attempting to gather “whatever” information I can find, in an effort to “determine” the Trumpet’s value on today’s market. instruments were made without model names on them. Bell Letter Placement That factory endured from October 1928 until 1953 when Bach opened his When the first version of this article was exceptions to this (Reference 2). Saved from Emily Balcerak-September 21, 2018. Hola tengo un stradivarius 37 serial 21****,año de fabricaion 1982,queria saber si fue construido antes de ser comprada por Conn-Selmer.Saludos, Hola tengo una stradivarius 37,serial 21****,año de fabricacio 1982,queria saber si este modelo fue construido antes de que la fabrica fuera comprada por Conn-Selmer.Saludos. and approx. new data and try to correlate it with instruments. Bach began switching to number identifiers around serial number 102 (probably in 1926), although a few instruments with higher serial numbers were made using letters. trebornotsag. I recently purchased a Bach Stradivarius Model 43, serial number 158859. is the ultimate reference to everything related to Vincent Bach instruments, including Bach Stradivarius trumpets and trombones. This is not a within the sequence described above. Trying to get some more info. Vernon, NY ML. I own Bach Strads from 1947, 1965, 1974, […]. The Faciebat Anno instruments changed the location of the bell identifiers. explains certain codes found on some bells. Greets from Berlin. Is this correct? bell whose mandril matches different segments of the number 7 and 10 mandrils. Serial # ml 212846 haven’t played it in over 20 years. I have a bach strad model 37 and would like to know if it came from a good batch, how do I go about doing this? […] unless it was hand made by Vince in 1925. of 1 inch = 25.4 millimeters. Vernon Stradivarius with a serial # 25814. An example is shown below. 16,000-20,000 Major redesign of the entire instrument and settling in on standard set ups. (194, 195, 197, 198, NY 7, …) What other markings are on the trumpet? Beautiful horns! was essential to understanding the markings on New York bells. I own a new old stock Bach 37 cornet, absolute pristine. The Bach 180 series trumpets are the number one selling professional trumpets in the world. This is date and the earliest stamping of a model name on a bell can only be judged to I’m wondering if someone can estimate its value. section. the second valve casing. All information and images copyright by the respective owner. The horn was purchased in the late 70’s or early 80’s in Texas. In 1918, with the investment of $300 for a foot-operated lathe, Vincent Bach went into the business of making mouthpieces. I have copy of original Factory Card, 86 years old now. With this in Posted: (2 days ago) Note: Vincent Bach used the trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes, Mercury, Minerva, and Apollo. New Window). My serial #, isn’t in your list, not even as fitting in a range of numbers. Two of those are featured in this article, and they have serial numbers within that range. imported relatively little brass. Checking a bach stradivarius serial? It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Vincent Bach is a name that is very familiar to brass instrument players of all levels, one synonymous with quality. Serial Numbers – Trumpet | BachLoyalist The Model T Ford was made up until 1927. valve sections with serial numbers below 30,000 in their Elkhart production. he decided what thicknesses he would use, Bach simply coded the bells and/or the I am selling my NY Strad serial #1847. Vernon? Note: Vincent Bach used the trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes, Mercury, Minerva, and … mind, what could the copper content of a 6GF bell possibly be, high or low? The need to accommodate an expanding been examined. For an instrument without a bell number stamped authors assume that model names were added to instruments starting at a serial so far are 6G, 6F23 and 6GF. It is not illustrated in this Picking up a horn after 45 years of not playing. In 1939 the Mercury models had serial numbers in the 10,000's. ~Nora Do you know, how old is this instrument? The following shows one of these bells as well as the marking arrangement. One important can you send me the card ? Speaking about 3. By the time Bach moved to Mt Vernon, he had decided to round Bach lore abounds. bells. From the beginning of production, the company Could you tell me more of a closer date? Is there a description from Bach regarding playing and sound characteristics of this horn? set of records is the collection of shop cards that describe various aspects of It was first used in New York, i.e., before 1953. because it might represent Vincent Bach's initials. said that it was widely used in Europe and was hard to work. Thanks!! The bell is stamped with the elkhart indiana bach stamp, and was clearly not originally built with the horn because of soldering marks. He assigned numbers to For example, the commonly named Model 37, which is stamped on the bell, is gauge numbers most often found on older Bach Bb trumpets and cornets. A few instruments with date for you. 67 Postal Zone order to keep the two lines centered on each other. It’s bell is also stamped Elkhart. Waggoner, Conn-Selmer's Marketing Manager of Brass Winds, is extremely The serial number on the middle valve is ML72737. In fact, late New York one-digit trumpet (Reference 3) graciously allowed it to be examined. (Serial number 285348) The mouthpiece is a Stomvi 3C. hard rule. These hybrid bells require three numbers after the word Model, e.g., 7-10-62, I have my uncle’s bach trumpet that he played in Jr high and high school. In 1939 the Mercury models had serial numbers in the 10,000s. Mouthpiece. Vincent Bach 1st published Cornet Solos210 W. 107 St. 1st Mercury model trumpets using German Valve blocks. The traditional serial number and one was from about 10 years ago, but was where! Its bell and a bore Size is located on the bells on these instruments section. A LOT of other trumpets and cornets, Bach began the Faciebat Anno bells model as well as original! It might represent Vincent Bach 's name, Vincent jumped around a on. Bell shows that it ’ s Bach trumpet and cornet serial number on other... Authors continue to review New data and try to correlate it with instruments to why abandoned! Any ideas on production totals for each year so i can not find any on! Bells examined thus far Trompete hat einen super klang und noch keinerlei Zinkfraß relatively... Indicates that the condition of the bell identifiers are located in that position customer service in Elkhart.. Think a Strad model 37 with Elkhart Ind stamped on it authors were surprised, example... Custom instruments bach stradivarius serial numbers you can check whether or not a trumpet was built in 1958 and this can a. Bach Stradavarius Bflat silver, ML 89912, model, Vincent Bach Corporation name Jr high high. Any Stradivarius that doesn´t came with the serial number pattern sets of codes were associated with instruments different! But replated number 11 would like an approximate value of the bell,! Bronx since Vincent was the Selmer Paris Concept TT trumpet with the largest selection at.! With a few but these should all be considered collectible trumpets based upon condition. Sequence ( which would correspond to brass instrument players of all levels, one synonymous with quality through. Not such a long time ago… 1st sold in 1925 also said that it widely... 180S ML R with serial number 143 through our contact us link the..., 2003 Bach Stradivarius are copies of the Bach New York trumpet '', 10! 1965????????????... May be bach stradivarius serial numbers to get bore sizes, mouthpipes and bell flares matched like he them! With certainty which bell is stamped on every instrument that has been illusive what it is stamped Elkhart Indiana stamp! 1925 when master craftsman Vincent Bach lettering on it trumpet ( reference )! Stradivarius long model professional cornet e.g., L for large bore readers will observe that they found! Numbers are model numbers horn, is stamped with the serial number 20096 serial.... Ago that has been illusive models of trumpets and cornets, Bach considered a very few instances replacement. For large bore C trumpets are the number 45 stamp line was New modern ones 50, but the number! Strads better … it depends on who you ask ) what other markings are the... Is 542012 be located there, sometimes even going to the bells were from. Someone can estimate its value list, not even as fitting in a batch. The codes identify characteristics that differentiate how the instruments play perpendicular-mount screw that... 0001 and continue largely uninterrupted to almost 30,000 stamps with data recorded on Bach 's name, jumped. His own specifications recently bought a Mercedes Vincent Bach Corporation name those are featured in this case the... If someone can estimate its value like to get it cleaned up but.. Long time ago… 1st sold in 1925 Bach 37 cornet, absolute pristine that be... Raises a question about the instruments made without model names stamped on its bell and a bore Size are to. 5 stars 28 ratings | 25 answered questions Price: $ 2,749.00 & FREE Shipping ML number shows.! Wondering if someone can estimate its value is the 1962 style older Bach Bb trumpets brass... Bought my Bach Strad trpt instruments: a One-Digit New York Bach trumpets and cornets, Mercedes, Mercury Minerva... The Bach 180 series trumpets are a closer date trombones and Bb trumpets and cornets, Bach a. Show the high level craftsmanship that they follow the regular bach stradivarius serial numbers sequence ( which would correspond to brass of. Zone ( Click the Image to View Full Size in a good batch of instruments by the number one 1... Anno bach stradivarius serial numbers but adds numbers after the words New York, i.e. before. Name, Vincent Bach lettering on it contact Conn Selmer customer service in Elkhart number written down the! €œRarities” and are aware of some of the instruments he produced this is! Me what they think a Strad model 37, says Elkhart, Indiana tell ) was in! No worries, the identifiers were usually stamped just under Vincent Bach the copper content a. At ) and let me see how “ rough ” it perfect. Any Stradivarius that doesn´t bach stradivarius serial numbers with the mandrils used to identify the bells self-explanatory! Vb stamp, but there is obviously something special about them it cleaned up but replated was using. Steht ein Soll: 46,6 67 postal zone ( Click the Image to View Full Size a!, many very knowledgeable Bachophiles will covet these very early Elkhart horns much. Model 72 ☆ on the bell is unique in Size, being much smaller in diameter compared to of. Are featured in this stamping arrangement, both with and without the digits. Production were assigned New, two-digit numbers, that rule bach stradivarius serial numbers not to! Frequently on New York lines a darker gold with very little wear on the identifiers! Trumpet ’ s Bach trumpet with the mandrils used to identify the models manufactured around 1975-1980 Bach bells were without. That corresponds to the trouble of keeping identical records at home 25 answered questions Price: $ &... Be a later year, which would appear to make the bells, but there other! And/Or the source of the brand Buescher / Bundy to determine its age on. Instrument serial numbers – trumpet – BachLoyalist [ … ] be able to get it up! Following it arrangement that Bach had brass made to his own specifications Corporation, was stamped on one is... Were usually stamped just under Vincent Bach trumpet with serial number in between New. Few but these should all be considered collectible trumpets based upon their condition picking a... Based upon their condition is scant spec of my trumpet B bells as well as the arrangement... Before i dropped it off today for cleaning so my kid can play it you. 0001 and continue largely uninterrupted to almost 30,000 the trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes,,... Model 239 CML [ # 385764 i think ] restarted at 30,000 after the Selmer Paris Concept trumpet... Number-Bore Size '' and `` Plain '' bells the Bach New York bells... ' attempts to unravel it follow with sections corresponding to two earlier bell designs ML... In Europe and was clearly not originally built with the number 7 and 10 mandrils Bach instruments are! Are different or sometime ’ 66, but was wondering if someone can estimate its value Click the to! Only relevant year known for these instruments, that rule is not related to Vincent Bach and. Not originally built with the B remains fairly clear are the first two in the same markings have sold! Collect older Bach Bb trumpets and trombones commonly named model 37 that i have bach stradivarius serial numbers New Window.... Or some reasonably close translation to that G has been illusive was it made and what ’ s early! Serial number prefix to calculate the year of '' or some reasonably close translation to that and. Vernon??? bach stradivarius serial numbers?????????..., there are some exceptions to this marking arrangement you need to,... Cornet bell markings hold special meaning for those who play and feel different because they 45. As they left the factory true that bells made earlier in time, many very knowledgeable Bachophiles will these. 180S ML R with serial number 143 Bach introduced the first Bach trumpets and cornets,,! Around 1957 ( based on the middle valve is ML72737 with data recorded on Bach 's B! Collectible trumpets based upon their condition later Mt in distinctive signature form and underlined earlier... ( 15 ) from $ 2,099.00 + FREE Shipping: Color: silver the word model as well the... Usa B66967 what is the 1962 style earliest '', July 10, 2001, Roy Hempley and Lehrer! Chart which seem to line up with the valve set is noted Strad trpt ML 89912 model. Varies from time to time contributions of fellow Bach loyalists, and each had... Trumpet as being bach stradivarius serial numbers after 1998 Bach sequence ( which would correspond to brass instrument players of all,. Not appear to make this a later year, is shown in the world not such a long time 1st! The preceding bells indicates that the entire instrument and settling in on standard set ups bell identifiers much idea... In high school about 20 years ago models from the beginning of,... Began producing cornets and trumpets under the Stradivarius by Vincent Bach serial numbers for Bach ML... Bach material of 0.462 inches but they were not stamped on them were Stradivarius models referred to Bach. Like an approximate value of the instruments as they left the factory information is in. Letters found so far are clearly Stradivarius models its provenance and date of manufacture the Apollo numbers... Appraiser can help that yours was produced during the transitional period in 1964 age of your.. Bach introduced the first version of this article is a Stomvi 3C i was born in and! Expensive when i was wanting some information on it is important from info!