The Abused Child Chapter 1: Scars reopen, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction. "Percy, this is completely inappropriate-" Sally's voice faded suddenly when Percy rested his hand on her thigh, caressing her through the sheet and her nightgown. That would've been fine if I had more then a bra and thong on. If you ever need help with the new gifts feel free to ask one of the gods" Zeus said. Good news: he managed to get his mother back. I had just gone to sleep that night. But he did tell me to just to be prepared. Although, I’ll understand if y’all do). Percy's friends are dead. The seven are tasked with showing a young girl around camp. ... an abused little girl, wasn’t expecting that she would turn out to be a witch or demi-god, nonetheless. What if Percy wasn't so sarcastic an... Meet Percy Jackson. His life is hard. Your review has been posted. Tonight when I was getting ready for bed I was suddenly teleported to mount Olympus in the throne room with all the gods. Percy continued to stare at the sea. The man was nasty and he left a scar on Percy. After Percy had pinned Brad she moved and got the bag of ambrosia and was munching on it like popcorn and the scene before her was a show. "It has come to light that Percy was abused by his step-father when he was a child." # abusedpercyjackson # demigods # hoo # percabeth # percyjackson # pjo # theseven His father forgot about him. The muffled sounds emanating from their mouths became more comprehensible as his earing gradually improved. Suicidal Abused Percy Jackson Fanfiction. Percy looked at … Poseidon finds him and decides that instead of sending him to camp, Percy will live with him. Running away Percy is hunted by monsters almost every day for ten years with his sword Riptide, it was sally's parting gift to Perseus, it was the only thing he had left of his mother. You see Percy was abused as a child by smelly Gabe, (hehe) in truth he had more scars from Gabe than he did from Monsters. Percy had three kids, though, he never expected them to have a mixed power of demigod, athena, poseidon, and human. It's after the war with Gaea. Bullied I decided to mix together a few of the Percy abused books and put my own spin on them. After giving into a little bit of my self hate, I heard a snap. Change One LIttle Thing and That’s How you Get AU. Sally pov. Teachers asked too many questions. Percy is a mortal. In this fanfic, Sally and Percy Live in England rather than New York. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Percy... all in the title but here goes, what happens when Kronos unleashes the most foul and horrible beast possible: Gabe Ugliano. Sally then drove off, after watching Percy walk into school, making sure he was OK, about half and hour later, she pulled up at an old stingy apartment block. Hope you enjoy. As Percy stared at the sea, Poseidon noticed a scar. After Percy had finished the precious cookie, they all made their way to the living room. Warnings: Abuse and sexual abuse . His vision blurred, then cleared as he focused on two figures arguing in front of him. "It smells good in here, Mom. Percy, even though he was young and innocent to understand much, still loved his mother no matter what. Hes a demigod. In this fanfic, Sally and Percy Live in England rather than New York. Poseidon told me the gods were talking about me but refused to say what about. I hope you all enjoy. Percy never knew that he was ever loved by anyone until he is told that he is a demigod. Percy stayed bone dry and he played with the sand under us, sprinkling some over his stretched out legs. Forum. Review if you like it and think I should continue. Gabe would whip, cut, electrocute, punch, kick, basically, anything he could do to hurt the young demigod. It was a sad one, but not for me. - Chapters: 11 - Words: 7,618 - Reviews: ... Percy did not reply he was too busy with the cookie. Fanfiction This is a story where the demigod and gods find out that their hero Percy Jackson was abused. Gabe regularly abused his wife and had her do everything around the apartment, treating her more like a servant then a wife. and Percy will be three years older than Harry. ... Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism; percy gets therapy thank god; ... Sally and Percy are at the beach and little baby Percy gives his mom a … It had been a week since we won the war against Kronos and my son percy decided to stay mortal and be with us. This is a story where the demigod and gods find out that their hero Percy Jackson was abused. His mom didn't know about Percy's abuse. His children were Lindsay, a 7 year old, a 5 year old son, Thomas, and a 3 year old, Lilly. Percy hated the questions; he hated the looks he got when he made up an obvious excuse, the pity looks from his friends. and Percy will be three years older than Harry. W Percy Jackson fanfic. It was when a little boy, no older than nine had come into camp with a satyr and bruises covering his face. Ocean’s Wings by lyricalgurl8. Plenty of smut bit of plot. They want... What if, Gaea decided to make a surprise visit to the Argo II one night? Depressed He is only 4 years old. But Percy realizes there is something wrong with her and the secret of his abuse is revealed to his friends. Author note at the end. With the help of a satyr and a daughter of Athena, Percy and Cassie must journey across the United States to catch a thief who has stolen the original weapon of mass destruction — Zeus’ master bolt. With some more stuff. That doesn't go over very well with them. Percy Abused and Muted Fanfiction Percy is abused he has been for years nobody knows the only person who did Gabe killed it was Sally Jackson that's why Percy beloved the best people have the worst luck when Gabe goes a little to far and closes up Percy's windpipe to … Community. What if Percy is a wizard in addition to being a demigod? Behind the man, I saw Percy with a knife. He gets abused. Chapter 2: Poker and pain. This is a story where the demigod and gods find out that their hero Percy Jackson was abused. Percy didn't bother doing anything, he was still too much in shock to do anything but stare at his mother's corpse. Poseidon told me the gods were talking about me but refused to say what about. Discontinued - Up for Adoption or whatever #abusedpercyjackson #demigods #hoo #percabeth #percyjackson #pjo #theseven What if Sally Jackson was not born as Sally Jackson, but Sally Black? When Sally was declared dead, Gabe relished in the money he got from her life in… He would demand food from her and hit her or threaten to hit her if she did not comply to his orders. Rated MA. Poseidon rose out of the water and sat down next to him. This is a short set up to my story. His mom was murdered. I know this isn't much to go on but I'll try to update this soon. Zeus asked. He is Percy Jackson. More. How will Percy deal with living with a god? So are his parents. Underwater. Annabeth sat crosslegged on the bed. Suddenly, a memory hit me. Percy stared at the sea. Sally Jackson's boss has her working harder than ever. Percy Jackson has been living on the streets ever since he was 6 years old, his step dad abused him for 2 years before he had killed Percy's mom (Sally Jackson). *********Summary******** But Hestia didn't seem to be surprised. He took one last look at my body before snapping his fingers and I fainted. "Sally Jackson" zues's voice boomed. As Percy stared off into space, lilly pulled on his ear again, and this time at the top of her lungs yelled, "AUNT THALIA IS HERE! Physically and mentally. Don’t hate me! Okay so Ive been harboring this idea for a while. Little did he know by ... Percy kept his voice angry and intimidating, yet terrifyingly calm. Rated: Fiction K - English - Family - Percy J., Sally J., Paul B. "Good. Just In. The Olympians gasped, worry filled Hermes' and Apollo's eyes, Percy was like a son to them. I am sorry Sally for being a horrible father. I noticed all of them checking me out but acting like they weren't. Percy Jackson Chaos Betrayed Nico Percy Jackson ... Army Chaos Son Olympian Poseidon Bonds Ties Blood Fanfic Betrayed, pain, sorrow, immense distrust Percy's life isn't what it seem, he is actually secretive but open, he has talents that will make you think why he wasn't a son of any other god or goddess but I guess you would have to find out. I look back into the apartment, to see Sally's limp body being raped. It wouldn’t be … Percy was abused by his mother, and has run away. Percy stared at her as Gabe wiped off the gun and pushed it into Percy's hands and ran to Sally's side pretending to be innocent while zipping up his pants. Abused Now she was twenty, desperately in love and loved desperately in return (always loved in return, she and Percy were meant to be together, she knew that in her bones), and Percy looked at her as though she had hung the stars in the sky, whole and healed and, best of all, happy and safe in her arms. Browse through and read fem percy fanfiction stories and books . Abused Angel- A Percy Jackson Fanfiction Chapter I (The Suicidal) ... (A/N:I know you PJO fans are wondering how he knew about blue food if Sally is not in the picture… lets just say it’s a secret for now hehehe. Do you accept or decline are gift?" Were you playing with yourself before I came in?" Twelve-year-old twins Percy and Cassie Jackson are on the most dangerous quest of their life’s . What if, she ended up leaving with more than she came with? So Ya that was short. But he did tell me to just to be prepared. All he was ever told as a kid is how no one will ever care for him and that he was just a mistake and that he should have died instead. 12/30/2014 c19 55 trustingHim17 liked the chapter and the way you portrayed sally what i saw as the fulfillment of that was when Percy had to chose between helping Jason, Piper, and Leo fight Gaea (the biggest problem) or going to help Annabeth when she said there was a problem over there (that was probably no where near as bad as the Earth Mother battling 3 demigods in Camp Half-Blood's airspace) No one, I mean No One has ever see Percy without his shirt, not even his mom. But everything's about to change when the hard-nosed tycoon and New York mayoral candidate Poseidon Stacks - advised by his brilliant VP, Sally and his shrewd and scheming campaign advisor, Ares - makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes him in. Gabe is his legal guardian (Just act like he's alive). Percy didn't notice till the last second and said,' Hi dad'. Percy's eyes opened his eyes with great difficulty, shaking off the dull ache on his forehead. Read on to find out more. Percy sniffed the air. Starved I noticed her visibly grimace at the sight of it, she then pulled out her lipstick and fixed some imaginary problem with her make-up, as … Percy officially hated teachers. He crept up and slit the man's throat. The Olympians muttered their apologies so I stood up ready to announce Percy's problem. !” he suddenly exclaimed, making the others jump. Percy angers another goddess, but this time she get's her revenge (or, Percy will do anything to protect his friends, including Piper, and he pays for it) “Percy.” he whispered softly “Per-Percy? Misserable When Thalia and Nico ask Percy about some scars they saw on his side he freaks out and yells them to forget about it. Browse through and read fem percy fanfiction stories and books. He tried to snap his mother out of it for eight years. This was what his life was like after HE came into his life. I'm sure you all know the gift she's getting but still. What happens when Richard is on watch... As we all know, Percy Jackson was abused as a child by his of-the-time step dad, Gabe. I had just gone to sleep that night. "As the mother of percy Jackson the child who saved us we have decided to reward you", "Unfortunately you must agree to it first before we can give you the gifts". "But you never even told me what it is" I said. Stories of sally and her life. It had been a week since we won the war against Kronos and my son percy decided to stay mortal and be with us. Yeah thats right Sally Jackson died when Percy was young..... or did she? I am sorry Percy for having you live this kind of life. STORY ENDED. His eyes staring intently. FanFiction. Discontinued - Up for Adoption or whatever. Fanfiction Percy had been abused by Gabe for years without his mother's knowledge. He hated it all. Sally tried to stop Gabe from doing that to her only son, but soon the power of the curse took over Sally and she too, abused Percy. "It does not matter.