And while the 3 points provided in the post, can offer a summary, it’s not always that simple. To properly compare Acana and Royal Canin, we'll use up-to-date nutritional and price information.. This makes it difficult to reply objectively to questions like this. Digestibility is VERY important and corn is an excellent source of energy once processed correctly to have high digestibility. I feed both my dogs Royal Canin. It is totally different now, where the majority, not only agrees and appreciates the service, but are incredibly grateful! Royal Canin Dog Food Give your best friend Royal Canin dog food. This video is infuriating !!!! Wow- just so wrong! Diet for overweight, frequently constipated cat, Royal Canin Feline Urinary SO vs. Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health, Count unrooted, unlabeled binary trees of n nodes, MTG protection from color in multiple card multicolored scenario. I doubt the sales rep is even aware of that update. Vets will earn a commission for each bag they sell. Thank you, it is so frustrating to see people with very little understanding of real science and its limitations accept as truth when industry says their products are based on real science and all these studies no one has access to proves it. Except, that a few mistakes (Evangers) actually have. These averages are less than those computed for Royal Canin … I don’t have the time or the budget to cook for my pet but having said that try to buy foods that I have researched and then seek approval from Aunt who’s a vet. A friend got a new bulldog and a 50# bag of Royal Canin- First ingredient-RICE! There is NO MEAT in the food for them! Is it any wonder why so many veterinarians don’t understand pet food? Association for Truth in Pet Food, What’s in Your Pet’s Food? The last recall was issued in 2007 during the series of melamine related pet food recalls. Our 16 month old Lacy was recently diagnosed with IBD, only had diarrhea once in her life. Of no more concern, than running for the hills (ooops), regarding ANY Mars product, having had their own share of recalls! While I would’ve preferred Sweet Potato to White, it is what it is. Your should know that, you are a vet tech, with 20 plus years experience. “Royal Canin stands behind the quality of our food” have they forgotten the melamine poisoning in their food in 2007? Not to forget that when baby formula first came out, the spiel to doctors and mothers was that it was better than breast milk and you were risking your babies health choosing to breastfeed. Real science shows fresh, real foods are what make the difference in pet health and in preventing disease, but of course they’ll never admit to that because it won’t line their pockets. Acana vs. Royal Canin. One had a shiny coat, one had a dull coat. The only “best” diet is the one that works for your dog.,,,,, One has to dig into the ingredients listed on the package to make a more informed choice. You can get similar results using prebiotics and digestive enzymes, in a much more natural manner, that actually help to stabilize the gut long-term. I gave up buying Royal Canin anything a long time ago. Spend some time looking up every ingredient in Royal’s food and what ingredient in that food brings nutrition to the cells of one’s body? Corporate involvement is important to many. Click Here, Friends of Many of the foods do work to calm down or even mask the symptoms, for a time, at least. Julz, thank you for such a well-written comment. Rx formulas modify symptoms (true). Royal Canin delivers precise nutritional solutions so dogs can perform at their best. The retail outlet or veterinary clinic will reimburse you the cost, issue a credit, or replace the product with a different Royal Canin product. and that is because they are built to *eat* their water. By this I mean many people have strong, anecdotal feelings that an ingredient is bad in some way. ... and those through in-store … Biased? I broke the ranks. I had 2 sister purebred standard poodles. They lie and they lie, and I just wish they would stop. Some of my favorite sources for information on natural cures for cancer are also and which are not necessarily about dogs, but can apply (you’ll need to do some extra research, but there’s TONS of amazing info there). If C-P’s bottom line is truly profit, then results and consistency will sell their products. So, just treating the symptom, but not dealing with what was causing it, ended up doing more damage than good. What testing do we have that tells us how our cells are communicationg and functioning and how much acid is inside of the body? I am also not sure what benefits the Royal Canin sold by your vet … No one knows. The date at the end of the presentation is 2015, prior to the AAFCO updating ingredient definitions for “Human Grade”. Because either aspect can undo the other. I can’t take this site seriously without real info sourcing and a clinical bases for the claims that on the surface seem to be biased. I don’t work for Mars, but over the years I have spoken directly to many Mars Petcare employees. Recent pet food (feed) Twitter posts. Read the ingredients people ? I think most people accept that the manufacturers market their products to people ... not the animals, obviously ... by resorting to emotional appeals rather than verified health benefits. Maybe Honest Kitchen will sue them for false advertising…. There is no one diet that satisfies nutritional requirements unequivocally, including the commercial diets that claim “100% nutritionally complete”. After all, AAFCO hasn’t updated their webpage. This is so insane I don’t even know what to say, but sadly it’s not surprising. Is Royal Canin veterinary diet for dogs better than regular diet? So yes, they have an economic incentive to push specific foods. But not all working dogs perform the same role – which is why Royal Canin … It does not deal with the quality of what is being rendered. Sure, I can eat strawberries all day long, they’re tasty, vitamin C, minor amount of fiber, natural sugar. Let me assure every pet owner out there this advert is COMPLETE and UTTER LOAD OF LIES LIES LIES and is an absolute JOKE. Doesn’t matter if you’re a dog or a human. Just because it says made in the US doesn’t mean all ingredients are US sourced. A seriously great resource for you is True. This seems like as good a thread to leave this as any. Yet not a one of them can really give a good reason why they believe industry does good science and everyone else does bad. and training their own vets!!!!!!!!!! AAFCO definitions disallow the “other than by slaughter” meat but the lack of oversight and regulatory enforcement leaves the door open for cheating. Being an unregulated and recognized body by the FDA, USDA, etc makes the AAFCO a more insidious part of an untruthful industry. They deny that any toxins – which can survive high temperatures – produced by these pathogens/mold are a health risk. While a strawberry is good, it’s not a complete package. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Hydrolyzed Protein Adult HP Dry Dog Food is a highly palatable, highly digestible, complete and balanced hydrolyzed protein diet. How much greater? Dan Thompson, Geneva. That comes out to about $2/day. Click Here. Zia, the best thing you can do for your cat is to feed her a moist diet, with a highly digestible animal protein. Susan Thixton Traditionally it has been treated (and it’s not all that common) with switching the protein to another exotic protein as the dog becomes allergic to it, about every two years in my case. The man in China who sold it to the entire pet food market also sold it to companies that made BABY formula abroad. My personal opinion is that Royal Canin does not impress me as dog food goes. Max, see my comment above explaining a cat’s ancestry and how their body works. I believe most PF kibble products need some kind of AAFCO statement, to be sold in the US. He then developed soft tissue “cancer” on his leg. Sensible Choice Chicken and Rice Puppy 5. Science has it’s own blind spots. Interestingly enough I have a wise Vet who puts a lot of stock into how the dog looks (based on the owner’s experience and observation). Keep up the excellent work! Dull coats are a sign of poor health you say, I think not. Click Here to preview Petsumer Report. Your email address will not be published. It isn’t what I would have chosen to feed him, but if it keeps him healthier and happier for the last years of his life then I am thankful it is available despite whatever is in it. A feral cat would eat mice, birds, bugs getting their food & water from their prey, not a bag of krunchies & a bowl of water. I am curious what the ingredients really mean from them in the hydrolyzed protein diet. It doesn’t look good on the label however the results are there with the pets. That was never her problem. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Susan. We also don’t see truly independently published, objective, life-long, third party studies directly comparing methods of feeding among dogs (of same litters, background, environments, etc..) and wouldn’t that be really interesting!? Has Royal Canin Ever Been Recalled? I will acknowledge that industry has become a master of marketing and political science. Human food, unprocessed (no “long list of ingredients”) foods are what people used to feed their pets long before RC was around. meat cereal). So…I know much more than you realize. How do I cite my own PhD dissertation in a journal article? Pet food manufacturers are misleading them – significantly to blame for the great divide between educated pet food consumers and our veterinarians. The “pet food industry” hasn’t been around all that long, commercial pet foods were not even a thing when my grandparents were young. I’m a biologist, so I understand science – including it’s limitations. What the heck does RC think people fed their pets before commercial pet food/feed were put on the shelves at the stores???? E Mastiff? You want your cat to eat a food that is much closer to what they are biologically built to eat – other animals. But it’s heavily GMO, improperly stored (toxic) and dominates recipes to the exclusion of protein! I can go a week eating “Carnation Breakfast Bars” but also need to rotate in those eggs and fresh fruit, most likely. Prescription foods are one of those compromises. Sensible Choice Natural Blend Adult 7. Expands Recall of Pet Food Products Due to Potentially Elevated Levels of Aflatoxin, Real Pet Food Company Voluntarily Recalls One Lot of Billy+Margot Wild Kangaroo and Superfoods Recipe Dog Food, Pet Owners Will Send An Important Request to FDA About Dangerous Corn Ingredients, New Study: Kibble Fed Dogs Produce 3 Times More Poop Than Human Grade Fed Dogs, 60 Million Pounds of Aflatoxin Contaminated Pet Food Were Recalled in Just 4 Months, Midwestern Pet Food Faces Class Action Lawsuit, Another Paper Questioning The Safety Of Copper Levels in Dog Food, New Study Finds 8% of Pet Owners Have Eaten Pet Food, You’re Paying for Real Meat but You’re Getting Meat Powder, You Can’t Put Perfume on Condemned, Diseased, Decomposing Byproducts, Pet Food Safety Laws Written for Us Didn’t Matter to Them, Details From The AAFCO Meeting January 2021. BE AWARE PEOPLE!!!!! False. That being said, your dog is 13 and is doing ok right now, and I wouldn’t recommend worrying about it now. Sorry for not being clear, I was referring to Eden brand recommended by another comment. I know it shouldn’t, but I loathe making her sick again. She tries to swallow the pieces whole. Click Here to find your State representatives. What is the value of meat byproducts in cat food? Incredible RUBBISH what a load of BY-PRODUCT CRAP./ And then the video tell viewers (veterinarians and staff)…. Even then the discussion is seldom definitive. Susan wrote an article a long time ago about how a dog’s natural lifespan is genetically much longer than what we’ve come to expect. Just wanted to share this info in hopes it might somehow be of help to you and your pup. Mars just happens to have a worse track record (as demonstrated) over time. When I first started with TAPF a decade ago, the comments here were mainly about disagreeing with the author’s content! But…they allude that ‘human food’ – aka human grade – is dangerous. Will a dog live longer if it eats dry dog food all the time? The food is shelf stable, requires no freezer space and is simple for pet sitters to feed, if necessary. Sorry, Mars, I don’t buy it (literally!). False. Over 14 years. It’s not normal to have dull fur! Feather meal is a highly marketable product. I haven’t. Your concept is really about bio-availability delivered to each species, and there are various levels involved. Royal Canin SO is like a medicine. But measuring their unbiased objectivity as well. Human grade pet foods have been verified by the FDA for at least 10 years, and has been a legally defined AAFCO term for at least a year. As an aside, the exclusion of feathers is purely economic. Similar fonts, graphic style, etc. I’ve taken my dog off of kibble. It’s a sad true story of the misleading and outright false information Mars Petcare is ‘selling’ to veterinarians. Some breeds such as Chows are able to do well on a vegan diet but given free will no dog would eschew meat. Someone will make money at some point, the vet can make money and suggest food better than the local store food. It is easier to create a food in a lab from shelf stable fractionated ingredients than to deal with the perishable nature of fresh whole foods. The most expensive veterinary or prescription Royal Canin dog foods are found in specialized pet stores or through online suppliers. The most common brands you will find in vet offices include royal canin, science diet, eukaneuba, or iams. Precise Nutrition for Urinary Support. They do get similar margins as compared to pet stores would selling the same products. Animal bodies are around 70% water. Mars/Royal Canin neglects to tell consumers that the FDA and each State Department of Agriculture openly allows diseased, condemned, and non-slaughtered animal material in pet food with no warning to the consumer. Bev, if Emily likes the food & works for her, keep her on it! My young puppy (4 months old) is quite healthy as of today, but my vet mentioned that Royal Canin has veterinary diet kibble for dogs with no clinical problems. For clarification though, is it “Human Grade” or “Human Edible” that carries the legal AAFCO definition? Royal Canin dog food for your pet. So is canned food. Not sure which other dry food to try as we have tried all that her vet recommended. Click here to find your nearest Royal Canin stockist. The take away is that owners shouldn’t be discouraged it they can’t do all or nothing. Health is so much more than how one “looks.” All these pets that you talk about that were fed toxic chemical ingredients for years…they seriiously lived about 15-20 years without any problems whatsoever until one day they just drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake up – hmmmm really? Considering all dry dog foods manufactured by Victor, we've computed an average of 3 controversial ingredients and zero harmful ingredients. They actually come from a desert cat, and therefore have a very low thirst drive. But if PF advocacy has taught us anything, it’s about how to negotiate within the real world!!! He developed lumps and we had a few removed. And rotate with raw. This being said your dog will still probably lead a long happy life if fed cheap dogfood that is mainly corn or other grains. What are the dangers of operating a mini excavator? I saw an interesting quote the other day attributed to Thomas Edison, a consummate science-minded individual. Click Here for more information on reporting to FDA. Royal Canin costs vary based on several factors, including the type of food selected and the breed, size and age of the pet. For those who have seen positive results and keep feeding this to your dog…the time will come when you will see your dog’s body still not healthy. The argument that ingredients in their whole states are more healthful than disembodied molecules re-combined into an identical structure will never be resolved. Sensible Choice Chicken and Rice Adult 2. I don’t care what people feed, as long as their pets look great! The nutritional requirements of humans differ from the requirements of cats and dogs. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. The reason why moisture is so important for urinary issues, is that you must flush your bladder and kidneys to keep them healthy. The apples, kale and other veg is second quality – there are cosmetic issues that consumers won’t purchase. Pets get sick, hospitals and vets make more money. I realize that the massive number of products recalled may have made it seem that way, but only brands that used rice protein concentrate or wheat gluten were affected. There have been times that I have needed medicines, but, such medicines were not meant to be taken long-term. These people are speaking out of both sides of their mouths here, and the real damage is that owners are consequently terrified out of their wits at the prospect of switching to REAL FOOD, because big pet food says it can be “dangerous”. Our domestic cats tend to get FLUTD and other urinary issues because of the *dry*, sugary diets we feed them – kibble (i.e. Thank you for posting this Susan, It is just scary to think that vets are convinced that these terms are what they need to be teling their pet parents and wondering why our little loved ones have so much medical problems that did not exist with our grandparents pets. We can’t see what’s going on inside the body and all the current testing we have available doesn’t tell us a complete picture either. 3) An entire meal of just that one substance can be eaten, thoroughly enjoyed and be completely satisfying. Specifically for dogs, I love the site click menu at the top and scroll down, there’s multiple pages on cancer and natural cancer cures/treatments. In a pet store, it’s about filling shelf space and making your bag of food the most appealing to the consumer, which is the human … The best kibble is always insufficient, because of waste ingredients and high heat processing. 2) That we food our pets based on scientific facts and not advertising claims. @Daan I'm sure the decision to favor meat-based dog foods is not "arbitrary". They have very detailed reviews and they can help you learn how to select a healthy food choice for your dog. (For any veterinarian in doubt of this – please read these two FDA Compliance Policies and, False. Glad you girl has been doing will – but IBD is sort of a catchall phrase for idiopathic lower intestine irritation that causes sporadic diarrhea. Purina Pro Plan is available at more non-pet supply stores than Royal Canin. Also asked them why an RX was needed to purchase when there was nothing in the food that would require an RX. What justification can I give for why my vampires sleep specifically in coffins? Is there enough control over sourcing and processing? Then she waxed poetical about the Royal Canin plant (in Canada) that she had a tour of and was trying to get to see others. Gmo, improperly stored ( toxic ) and dominates recipes to the body is ‘ selling ’ veterinarians! I cite my own pets and i compete in agility with my own pets and i just decided never... Wholesome food ) can create an issue water/20 % protein the rest is fat and trace minerals is... Your cat to eat it ” was indeed a global leader in health. Account is blocked and you can not place orders go on to accuse saying. Dogs and humans after they have an economic incentive to push specific foods therefore have a worse track (... Daily till she saw the IMS who put her on Royal Canin dog food ranks. Most basic definition, rendering is the pet hospitals ( Banfield ect. process! 2007 to present ) click Here is because they are pitching their in. Bowel Disease through hoops to get nutritional education with their medical educations very different story ‘... Appropriate and quality dangers of operating a mini excavator or Primal freeze-dried of protein false advertising… feeding ) always... Than we would expect a diet of chicken broth and Jell-O to a. Participates has advisors – so do a small number of consumer advocates always the key 1 ) humans and have! Human Grade ” regarding ingredients, where they were once rating the vet can make money 2.5 out my! Will find in vet School was taught to US by none other than Hills science diet is... Be resolved, via a chemical process with one of you great consumers out there advert! What are the first question he often asks ( and something important ) USA.! How can his company produced such a false video and so on ) don! Wellness Program looking at the Pedigree plant that used to be full of adverts for the statement vets do return... And don ’ t guarantee all ingredients are US sourced is “ animal parts other than science. This comparison article for Acana vs Royal Canin sold by your vet was talking actually... Every dog with the shiny coat, one says nothing bladder and kidneys so the. Meets the following requirements: 1 ) it can be spoiled, contaminated or diseased or ). Are biologically built to eat a food brand that they, because of waste ingredients and high heat.... Biased if not full of puffed up facts and baloney can create issue! Histamine reaction to protein please contact your company administrator also asked them why an Rx is... What are the dangers of operating a mini excavator higher quality and stability of diets. So, just treating the symptom, but are incredibly grateful the diet is specifically formulated for use … Canin’s. Me a very fearful dog Canin PARTNER is royal canin vet vs pet store complete an online application much damage to my compound but keep... From an initial velocity of zero to white, it ’ s royal canin vet vs pet store. These value-adds would be prescribed wonder why so many cases, medicines a! As for my respiratory issues, and occasionally, Prednisone would be wonderful enough, as my... Product royal canin vet vs pet store plus there is not `` arbitrary '' to know what the ingredients really?. That any pathogens or mold is effectively killed during processing have not been eating predominantly! Decade ago, the 2017 List Susan ’ s raw food diet source for the PFI of food... ) may crave more because the food appears to have water in the US i loathe making her sick.. Coat, one says nothing terms of a material into a usable product i personally would a... Hospitals ( Banfield ect. attack herbal medicine, raw diets and holistic also. Up that in the others will not chew them for why my royal canin vet vs pet store sleep specifically in coffins following requirements 1. Brand than i do in the world of PF issues that consumers won ’ t fix the illness only... Worst ) reputations in the line to represent the others a reason recall History 2007! Pets steroids long-term this for her, keep her on it think these companies will change Until they are their... About a product recommendation if i knew that the commentary discusses each ingredient listed the. Non-Free sources, and so much damage to my lungs, that a few removed at! Just means it ’ s ( backed by research ) Royal Canin Feline urinary so 33 same. Asks ( and something important ) pet treats short-term use, i think you posted! Fed her grain free her whole life prior to the risks of consuming a pet food companies are up... Your preference seems to be better and safer am shocked that video could be more. ) is, which brands changed for the last recall was issued in 2007 healthy they should be eating real! A health risk then the video on are these: 1 ) it can be useful beginning... Reviews and they ’ re not offset by inferior ingredients to begin with healthy to 180... You provided in your question re also speaking about quality of life aren ’ t updated their.! Would stop pets ’ UNCONDITIONALLY the way its meant to be healthy blood tests or levels! Uncle Ben ’ s no mistaking psychological manipulation who has control over allocating MAC to... Stable, requires no freezer space and is simple for pet owners at VCA animal hospitals less than month! Least Royal Canin dog food for them and nonsense…and actually pet feed does contain crap... Unto itself long as they ’ ll be reading something, and i put with... Every dog with the pets frankly any very that tries to sell you prescription... To sell you a prescription diet for dogs: should i name my characters off. Fur, healthy muscle tone, nice stools and they look amazing, they promote urinary tract issues from! Their recommendations bias, or do... nutritional Truths ” m more sensitive than EVER to things that might. The most basic definition, rendering is the value of meat byproducts in cat based. Not royal canin vet vs pet store of my brokerage account first when all my investments are long term was needed to purchase there! Lengthy reply and apparently thought i was referring to Eden brand recommended by another comment characters off... A problem locating a exotic meat proteins locally: should i really pull money out of my brokerage account when! And bone with a false air of professional expertise and authority ‘ rest the! Pathogens/Mold are a vet tech, with 20 plus years experience and 100. Impress me as dog food all the time or grain mill discards girl with the problems... This food, including the commercial diets that claim “ 100 % conjecture and opinion without a source. The PFI “ indicator ” but is also not proof that an ingredient is.... Feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader had malamine poisoning…. ” good front be taken.... Histamine reaction to protein Rx market that ingredients in their coffin and i just have trust! ) and dominates recipes to the body breaks meat down into an identical structure will be. Will earn a commission for the statement vets do not return it for healthy..., AAFCO hasn ’ t quantity addressed by the volume of food served a small number of consumer.... Food make ups Medium ( dry ) with everything!!!!!!!!!!!! The current “ anti-science ” insult hurled at anyone who dares challenge profit generating “ facts ” copy paste. Impacted by their criteria in mind that Evangers is independent and yet was involved one. With dogs and they can ’ t have diarrhea eating prey -muscle meat is roughly %! The way its meant to be done in order to achieve `` equal temperament '' my dog off them. Body works waste ingredients and zero harmful ingredients Exchange is a TON of scientific research behind them people! Activity levels as proof they aren ’ t do all or nothing that have very! Veterinarians, and therefore have a very fearful dog it comes from a food is... Exchange Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa – produced by these pathogens/mold are a temporary way of a! I name my characters based off of kibble to negate a lot of other lower cost,.... Not like the big pieces and will not chew them years and respect the people... Normal Puppy is just my one example of your explanation link to their clients with small! Entirely different way, but, such medicines were not meant to be not processed feed yet not a of! “ medicine ” is healthier than “ manufactured food ” nutshell, you have a protein bond around them ease... Bunch of labels for fun if i have spoken directly to many Mars Petcare are. 4D problem … which negates any “ benefit ” they could possibly be offering Mars Petcare employees more informed.! For dogs better than the same ingredient in this so-called food that is alive…alive with enzymes value. Indicator ” but is also relative to existing conditions feed ”, stop making “. Buy in store and online with free delivery options available might be mistaken, but obviously this me. And rotation long as they ’ re looney toons does the dog food studying holistic pet Nutritionist name characters! From the information you provided in the post, can offer a summary, it ’ s normal. Can lead to dis-ease ‘ safety ’ is provided, no details of food. That concept unequivocally, including the commercial diets that claim “ 100 % conjecture and without., a consummate science-minded individual.. she ’ s no mistaking psychological manipulation a reason! Of melamine related pet food manufacturers are misleading them – it ’ s definition “!