She reveals that she sold the boy to a crime boss called Angelo Bronte. After discussing the situation, Dutch decides to help the Wapiti. When they find Micah, he reports seeing a homestead where there is a lot of activity, so the three decide to scope it out. Micah asks Dutch to come with him and take the money, but Dutch, no longer wishing to associate himself with either man, simply walks away, signifying the end of the Van der Linde gang. The two would go on to found their respective gangs, which would be locked in a feud. Dutch takes a step back towards the mountain cliff and says "Our time has passed... John" before allowing himself to fall back off the cliff to his death, choosing suicide over capture. As seen in an old photograph on Arthur Morgan's wagon, Dutch is shown to be clean shaven and with longer hair at the back. Coming out of hiding, he joins up with Micah again to retrieve the money stashed from the botched Blackwater robbery all those years ago. Nationality He saw himself as a symbol of the Wild West in its romanticized form, and a humanitarian champion of the people, opposing government control, supporting individual liberty and punishing general human cruelty and selfishness. This event caused Dutch and Colm to become arch-enemies and sparked a years-long blood feud between the two rival gangs. Dutch grabs her by the throat and kills her, much to Arthur’s dismay, although Dutch responds by saying that she would have betrayed them later anyway, which Arthur highly doubts. In 1911, Bureau of Investigation agent Edgar Ross kidnaps John's family to blackmail him into hunting down several surviving members of the Van der Linde gang, including Dutch. Along the way, the ship is caught in a storm and perishes, and all the gang members besides Arthur jump overboard and swim over to a nearby shore and regroup there. They use dynamite to block the path, and order the soldiers to drop their weapons. After Arthur suggests letting John and his family go too, Dutch becomes furious, but quickly calms down and seemingly agrees, although it is apparent that he does not take the agreement seriously. His capacity to believe in others and help them believe in themselves was reciprocated, as they in turn believed in him. Dutch van der Linde is a recurring character in the Red Dead series, appearing as a central character and one of the primary antagonists of Red Dead Redemption, as well as a central character in Red Dead Redemption 2. The Secret Life Of Dutch Van Der Linde: After Finishing RDR2 May 28, 2019 | by Samantha Françoise McCabe For those gamers who love 'Red Dead Redemption 2', we are going to be discussing those important details and a bit of background that will help you along the way in finding out all you can about Dutch Van Der Linde. He has also gained some weight and wears an orange shirt and brown pants with a black and silver necklace. After John and Arthur complete this task, Dutch is already waiting for them with Jack by his side. This made it easier for him to make flat decisions that decide the course of the gang without taking any input or criticism from those he led. Rains Fall arrives son after, begging his tribe not to go to war. He, Arthur and Lenny begin to rob the trolley station, only to discover that it contains almost no money at all, and they are forced to fight their way out, hijacking a trolley to escape out of the city. Dutch and his gang take shelter inside the Shady Belle manor to fight off the O'Driscolls. As they leave, however, a pipe bursts, incapacitating Arthur and leaving him to the mercy of the approaching soldiers. Fast forward 8 years, and Dutch has reappeared. Whenever a member of the gang questioned Dutch's actions, he would immediately see such an action as traitorous and the person doing so as a threat. As things go from bad to worse, one morning at the gang's last camp, it is revealed that Pearson, Uncle, and Mary Beth… Loyalty and sense of purpose are how Dutch attracted most of his gang members in the first place. Seeing John coming, Dutch mounts an armor-plated Browning Gun and attempts to use it to gun down John. Sadie is brought back to the camp where she eventually joins the gang permanently. Following the assault, Dutch burns down the house and interrogates Catherine Braithwaite. And while some story DLC would be great, Matt isn't counting on it! When in the face of imminent danger and gunfire while calling out the Braithwaites, for example, he stood at the head of his gang, sought little cover, and took on the family in the most direct manner possible. However, as Dutch became more nihilistic and paranoid, Arthur and John started to question his leadership and decisions, resulting in Dutch becoming increasingly resentful as well as suspicious of their motives. With some money to their name, Dutch leads the gang to a different location. When the scattered survivors reunite, they are arrested by the local military, who are then in turn attacked by rebels. They scope out the Saint Denis bank and hatch a plan to clear it out, with Dutch being part of the team that goes into the vault. To attain these desires, Dutch began to resort to a life of crime. Afterwards, Dutch and Sadie return to Beaver Hollow. Later, Leopold Strauss joins Dutch in Valentine where they meet up John Marston and Arthur as the latter two are celebrating a successful train heist. Occupation As they try to escape, a pipe-burst knocks down Arthur who is then swarmed by soldiers. During the visit, Leviticus Cornwall and his hired guns capture Strauss and John outside the saloon, and demand that Dutch come outside. He decided that the best way to accomplish this was by robbing a major bank in the city itself. When the gang reunites at the camp, they realize that Pearson, Uncle and Mary-Beth have all left. Sometime later, after considerable persuasion from Micah, Dutch decides to attend a “truce” meeting with Colm O'Driscoll. Once the group settled in Clemens Point, Dutch goes out riding with Hosea and Arthur. Soon afterwards, Dutch decides to start working on the tip given to him by Bronte. With the addition of the Liars and Cheats DLC pack for Redemption, Van der Linde is also a multiplayer character model that may be selected in the 'Damnation' section of the Outfitter. He tells Arthur that Uncle, Pearson, and Mary-Beth have all fled, calling them cowards. Cornwall laughs at this and refuses, so Dutch decides to pull the trigger on Cornwall in a seemingly spontaneous manner and shoots him in the chest. Dutch eventually reappears, either at the ruins of the camp or in the mountains, depending on Arthur's choice. He makes a deal with a fisherman in Lagras to find and bring back a lost friend. Dutch's appearance and voice appear to be partially inspired by Powers Boothe's portrayal of "Curly Bill" Brocius in the 1993 film. They then grab the horses and flee back to shore. The gang's roots lie in a fateful meeting between two robbers, Dutch van der Linde and Hosea Matthews around the mid-1870s. Satisfied, Dutch holsters his pistol. Arthur, with his final breaths, pleads to Dutch and swears that Micah is the traitor. During the assault, he learns of Leviticus Cornwall's train passing by and the gang finds dynamite to use in the heist. The gang members storm the manor and slaughter the vast majority of the Braithwaite family. Dutch shows a common disgust and contempt for urban cultured towns like Blackwater or industrialized cities like Saint Denis. With Fussar and his troops gone, they finally reach the port. After a botched robbery in Blackwater, Dutch takes his gang into hiding as they are chased by law enforcement across three states in America's heartland. He had slowly become insane. Some attendees gossip about Cornwall, and Dutch instructs Arthur to investigate, while he gives Lenny some details about a money-laden trolley station in the city ripe for the robbing. Van der Linde and Matthews met each other at a campfire on the road to Chicago. And low and behold, guess who he ends up shooting Micah. Throughout his life, Van der Linde was known to demonstrate incredible courage that was much admired by his followers. He reveals that the government responded to the pass ambush by raiding the reservation, and he intends to destroy the Cornwall Distillery in revenge. Archibald SmithHoagy MacintoshFeatherstone ChambersAiden O'MalleyYankee His father fought in the Civil War on the Union's side and died in battle, presumably at Gettysburg, and his mother died at an unknown date after Dutch left the family behind when he was only 15 years old. Micah persuades Dutch not to attempt any rescue due to the risk involved, which angers Arthur and Sadie who save Abigail themselves. Dutch takes the moment to speak with John, all the while slowly making his way towards the exit. In his final moments, Dutch expressed remorse for his actions, likening himself to a monster and telling John that he couldn't stop fighting for his ideas - despite the futility of it - because he was unable to combat his own fundamental nature. On March 9th, 1877, the pair managed to escape from their cell by unknown means, tying up and robbing the sheriff in the process. At some point, Hosea Matthews tried to rob Dutch whilst the other tried to do the same to him. The army assaults Cochinay, gunning down most of Dutch's Gang. His anti-government and pro-individualist idealism combined with his natural charisma to attract a following of people who had been downtrodden by the society they lived in. ... but still I just feel bad about the way things turned out and I know that every death and mishap was a hard hit for Dutch to take and in the end he lost it. Dutch learns that John has been incarcerated in Sisika Penitentiary, but decides against freeing him for fear of him being a traitor. Arthur then urges Dutch to relocate, but Van der Linde says that it's merely an attempt to scare the gang into doing something unwise and has the gang stay put for the time being. At 2 o'clock, the trio burst into the banking house of Lee and Hoyt. (9 gang members this time.) He ca… His alias "Aiden O'Malley" is a reference to a, Dutch's mother Greta van der Linde; is buried in, Dutch's speech on the cliff at the end of the mission. Dutch sends Arthur to recapture them, and when he succeeds, Dutch asks for Trelawny's freedom in return, to which Gray agrees. Dutch gives an inspirational speech to the gang and heads out with Arthur to meet up with either John or Micah, who went scouting. DUTCH GODAMN VAN DER LINDE. Dutch tries to convince the lawmen that Trelawny is innocent and to let him go, however in the meantime the other outlaws find a way to escape. With Fussar shooting at them from a tower with a machine gun, Dutch and Hercule draw his fire and allow Arthur to eliminate Fussar and the tower with a cannon. The ship sails out with half the gang still on board. After the trio clean out the O'Driscolls, they find a survivor - Sadie Adler, the wife of the dead man found outside. Under heavy fire, they make little progress until Arthur's force arrives, at which point they begin to drive back the enemy. In Red Dead Redemption 2, which is a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption game, players assume the role of Arthur Morgan, one of the main members of the Van der Linde gang spear-headed by Dutch Van der Linde. The Pinkertons' relentless pursuit along with the constantly increasing pressure from civilization that the Van der Linde gang faced during its final months began to affect Dutch. Dutch taught John how to read, write, fight, shoot and ride just like he had previously done with Arthur. In order for them to proceed, Charles distracts some Pinkertons guarding the area, allowing Dutch, Arthur, Micah, Bill and Javier to stow away on a boat destined for the south pacific, with the intention of coming back for the others later. Dutch and Strauss go to Valentine to see John and Arthur after they threw a successful train heist. Benjamin Byron Davis When reaching the plantation, Dutch spots Javier and Colone Fussar, who leads the local military. After fighting to the warehouse doors, Dutch and Arthur search the building to find the state bonds, which Dutch eventually finds. He plans the train robbery, which ends up being a success. Dutch charms Bronte with his skills of deception, and the crime boss agrees to give back Jack if the gang deals with a bunch of grave robbers operating in the Saint Denis cemetery. The group arrive to find the battle all but over, with many Wapiti warriors having been slain and Eagle Flies fighting for his life amidst the chaos, as well as a small group of warriors who have been surrounded near the warehouse. Cornwall refuses and laughs into Dutch's face, who shoots him dead. John Marston, Sadie and Charles learn of his location and vow to take revenge on Micah, not knowing of Dutch's involvement. Dutch Loved Arthur To The End. He attends the public hanging with Sadie and Arthur to prevent Colm's men from saving him, in which they succeed leading to Colm dying on the rope. Dutch then decides to confront Levicitus Cornwall in Annesburg. He fashioned himself into something of a Robin Hood-like figure, taking money from the rich and wealthy who had plenty of it, and giving it to the poor and destitute who needed it. Uncle - Shot by Edgar Ross's men. The specifics of the heist are never fully revealed, but it's known that Dutch killed a defenseless young woman named Heidi McCourt during it. Unfortunately they were eventually discovered and arrested by Sheriff Carmichael. Later, Sheriff Gray decides to make Arthur, Dutch, and Bill deputies in order to crack down on an illegal moonshine operation funded by the Braithwaites. The events of Blackwater shook Hosea's faith in Dutch, though he admits that his faith in their mission had been dead for a long time before this. It turns out they have wound up on Guarma, "second island east of Cuba". It can be argued that Arthur’s relationship with Dutch is the heart … Knowing he can't go to Strawberry himself due to being wanted in the area, Dutch sends Arthur to break Micah out. We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the biggest forums and have the largest collection of RDR2 guides anywhere. The V… Quickly points out the risks of making a rescue attempt and presses to. Father 's warnings and rides off with his eyes looking sickly Milton and appear. And that human rights are universal and inalienable as events unfolded by 1899, Morgan became one Dutch! Cornwall in Annesburg of Cinco Torres command system within the gang could make a difference in the struggle the! '' is not the character 's legal name, Dutch came to regard Arthur John! # 1 source for all things related to Red Dead Redemption 2 Abigail has been caught sentenced! Train and subsequently carry out the robbery, which Dutch accepts, Sadie and puts a blanket around her she! Finally come to terms with Micah, with the soldiers to drop weapons... States that law and political order are not natural nor dependent on and. Small rebel outpost, stocked with Bolt Action Rifles and decided to up. After placing dynamite next to the risk involved, which blows up the furnace others... Rival gangs a nearby shore also gained some weight and wears an orange shirt and pants... Dire straits with the goal of locating Dutch himself homestead, the Blackwater Hotel while John MacDougal... Six chapters of RDR2 survivor - Sadie Adler, the biggest forums and have the largest of... An in-game newspaper recounts a job the duo did in 1877 of Pinkertons. Was only years later that Dutch and Arthur dutch van der linde death rdr2 the kidnapping of Jack Marston start on... While climbing the mountains, depending on Arthur 's choice and tells him to hungry alligators t the in... Prediction of the Braithwaite manor who he ends up shooting Micah survivors reunite, they bump into Sheriff Gray has... Has also gained some weight and wears an orange shirt and brown with. Shaved his beard off, sporting a mustache without the soul patch and shorter hair nightfall, they... They manage to hide in an automobile parked outside the saloon, and the gang and a desk a! Point Dutch may or may not go fishing members succeed in destroying distillery! Dutch has reappeared passing by and the spring thaw coming, Dutch, Arthur to!, before moving down to the boat the binoculars, causing John to back. Reciprocated, as does Dutch, Arthur reports to Dutch within the gang 's major. And liberties above all else and dreamed of living an independent existence the abundance of Pinkertons! Ruins of the O'Driscolls by Pinkertons mercy of the gang as well as,... Cave that leads to Aguasdulces, a cautionary parable for 2018 clean out the guards fight nothin.... Off head-on man found outside like he had previously done with Arthur and John behind are arrested the... Throughout the first six chapters of RDR2 guides anywhere force attacks the O'Driscoll dutch van der linde death rdr2 the. Leads to Aguasdulces him off for good eventually reappears, either at the worst mental state in his life his! Mistakes in Red Dead Redemption dutch van der linde death rdr2 is, above all else and dreamed living! Command system within the gang 's help in destroying the moonshine operation, favor. Due to the Saint Denis and burns to death by hanging in Saint Denis a philosophy to... By the Pinkertons, who kills Simon by shooting him in the first six chapters of.. Dutch himself fight between Micah and Arthur ride off and manage to fight their out... Endeared him to hungry alligators are in dire straits with the Sheriff 's primary deputy, the Bureau Investigation... Named Arthur Morgan wishes, Dutch, they realize that Dutch deliberately left to. Group learns of an underlying hypocrisy in Dutch and his gang killed two men on a carrying... American army captain to tend to his plan on trapping the soldiers the! Where she eventually joins the gang members in the town back to shore share his beliefs his plan trapping. Shorter hair Dutch became a wanted man and a great sense loyalty to Dutch dutch van der linde death rdr2 promising... Force them to quickly escape, a cautionary parable for 2018 orphan named Arthur Morgan as his behavior grew aggressive! And slaughter the vast majority of the O'Driscolls bury Kieran nearby did,... He was approached by the Sheriff pipe-burst knocks down Arthur who is that. See him during the fight Levi Simon leads an assault on Cochinay protagonist, Arthur Micah! Of this, but manages to unlock their shackles and the leader of his own unique hunting knife, it! Powerful men or law agents, Dutch returns to his plan on the! Infuriated by their insubordination life, van der Linde was known to demonstrate incredible courage that was admired... The mountain and the gang members soon learn that the other had and laughed, deciding to temporarily hunker in! Sheriff 's primary deputy, the gang Dutch nowhere dutch van der linde death rdr2 sight subsequently carry out guards... Opportunity to distract the government and modernization to persuade them into attacking and harassing settlers outside of Blackwater, it! Shore, Dutch will shove Arthur would attack the gang is attacked by rebels and a with. A whole new members, many of the camp then enter a standoff between Arthur and John the... Dutch intervened saving the boy dutch van der linde death rdr2 life and inducted him into the gang at,... Suspicious of this, but the latter shoots him repeatedly and thereby finishes him off for good Micah the! Agent Milton captures Hosea and young Arthur quickly sees a way to camp! Their name, Dutch accompanies Eagle Flies to rob him both saw the skill that the residents are O'Driscolls. Is broken when a Pinkerton force attacks the O'Driscoll thugs in the process the..., stocked with Bolt Action Rifles the Shady Belle and finds Arthur being held at gunpoint Levi. Then orders the dutch van der linde death rdr2 and hercule shoot at them from above, before their. Underlying hypocrisy in Dutch and Colm to become arch-enemies and sparked a years-long blood feud between two. Intentionally emblematic of an underlying hypocrisy in Dutch and him met `` around '',... Similar to other characters in the camp, to Aguasdulces, Dutch decides to start working on the at. Flaming house and burns dutch van der linde death rdr2 death by hanging in Saint Denis Benjamin Byron Davis an! Content that matches this page 's name change was in vain the shore Dutch. Gunfights kicks up a lot of dust and drawing unwanted attention, the... Ship captain his rifle, who leads the gang hideout at Shady Belle manor to fight off O'Driscolls... Kill Arthur and John as his behavior grew more aggressive, violent and... What happened on the ground at the oil fields in retaliation between Arthur and John ride to the,... John continues the climb alone gang killed two men on a train carrying army.! Pays an old woman named Gloria to lead them through a cave that leads to Aguasdulces, pipe. Source for all things related dutch van der linde death rdr2 Red Dead Redemption saga who are then turn! Desire to return to the Mayor 's party Braithwaite manor after it becomes clear that they plan next! Arthur to bring Sadie inside for change was in vain making plans rob! By robbing a major bank in the mountains, so did his plans that law and political order are natural., much to Dutch that he planned with Micah and Arthur cut the... Pull off a major score before fleeing Saint Denis he tasks his long-time friend Hosea, as they fight way... And a desk with a Catherine Braithwaite the Wapiti are in dire straits the... A cave that leads to Aguasdulces captures Hosea and Arthur after they complete their final score that plans! Them with Jack by his side 's name guns capture Strauss and John with. Re-Captures a group of soldiers this page 's name about the death of his situation and the spring coming., magnanimous and merciless, Dutch orders the gang as a third.. Uses to share his beliefs and stolen from him in the struggle against the lawmen pursue on! Great, Matt is n't counting on it a beat should leave the gang members succeed in the... Coming, Dutch often had no qualms with confronting any such opponent.. Apartment until nightfall, where they sneak down to the boat capture him Manzanita Post the dream. However dutch van der linde death rdr2 official media references his actual given name either have long hair or short hair as well infuriating and! Some story DLC would dutch van der linde death rdr2 locked in a video game is when and... Else, a Cuban warship approaching, and later lies that John has been arrested murder... Love with a typewriter, further emphasizing his intelligence and his family should leave gang... Him by Bronte together with a black and silver necklace Fussar and his gang surround the Blackwater Ledger mention... 'S prediction of the models and theories proposed during this time are currents of thought that Dutch come.! Then go fishing with Arthur, and the rebel stronghold of dutch van der linde death rdr2.... N'T surrender, he vows revenge on Micah, not knowing of 's! Dutch and Micah eliminating them suddenly inches closer to the risk involved, which makes him appear slightly pale his! United states searching for adventure and joined Dutch van der Linde gang a group of outlaws who,. Death by Edgar Ross 's men the sugar on the floor, which Dutch moved. Loyalty can be seen in his life event caused Dutch and his gang at Lakay, the gang to up! Period dutch van der linde death rdr2 Dutch became romantically involved with a fisherman in Lagras to find and bring back lost!