It only took me a couple hours and I am finally seeing the finished room come together. This may be the most clever DIY makeup vanity on the list. Difficulty. I am not that lucky. Plus, you can use Waterlox on way more than just countertops! And as you’ll see, this large bathroom vanity is gorgeous, so we think it’s well worth spending the cash. If the back side of the template is straight, then place it against one of the factory-cut sides of the board. Because of the way the Waterlox finish is made to work, you do not even have to sand between coats, I just wiped it down with a lint-free cloth to make sure there was no dust on it before adding the new coat. Routered Wood Ebony Countertops by Lemon Thistle. Thanks for the post Kati! how to build & seal wood countertops here. 3. Repurpose Kitchen Barstools. This is a very stylish yet rugged look for a bathroom vanity. I knew building the vanity top would not be the issue, I have tackled much bigger projects (like the 8 foot vanity it was going on top of), but how do you protect a wood vanity top. Copyright © 2021 Houseful of Handmade | Bamboo on Trellis Framework by Mediavine, 15 DIY Patio Furniture Projects For Your Outdoor Space, DIY Chalkboard Sign Ornaments & Ornament Blog Hop. Corian® Glacier White Solid Surface Vanity Top, Intergrated Sink and Back/Side Splash Corian® Cabitnets, … If you want a new vanity, you don’t have to build it from nothing. Then give it a watch! It looks super nice and modern! Clamp down the template. Quartz is nonporous, easy to clean, and durable, making it a solid choice for bathrooms. Here's a free bath vanity plan that is shaker style and built out of cherry. … Again, the end result is highly professional, so if you want to have a go at something that will be sure to impress your guests, this could be another one that’s worth trying. The glass top allow to store all of beauty items in plain sight so it would be easy to use. We want to do the wood top but want a darker color, after staining with the color we want will the Waterlox make it darker or stay the same color? Once you have your wall lines drawn on the plywood. To install the vanity top, I needed something on the vanity to attach the top to. The Waterlox sealer did such a great job of protecting the vanity that we were excited to use it again in our new home. Our insight can guide the way for you. Make sure to measure from the wall to the front of the vanity and measure in multiple spots along the vanity top. However, we still think it’s worth watching since you can pick up a lot of tips about improving your woodworking skills, and it should also give you a few ideas about the kinds of things you can achieve. It adds the warmth I was looking for in a otherwise white and gray bathroom. If both edges are going to be flush agains the wall you can do that on both sides. That aside, the vanity he had built is stunning, and this is a video that should be a source of inspiration at the very least. With this plan, you’ll need to invest a little more at the beginning – the DIYer expects this will cost you around $200 to build. BEFORE & AFTER: The Final Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal! The vanity she builds here is a large rustic-style model that we love – and if that’s the look you like, this is a plan you might enjoy. Looking for DIY vanity mirror ideas?. So after reading, and reading, and reading the instructions on the Waterlox website (thankfully they have a lot of information about using their finishes), I decided the best option would be to apply the finish to our vanity top in the garage and then install it after it was dry. Here’s a video of a professional at work, so you might not have all the same tools as him at your disposal. Feb 13, 2020 – Explore Content + Company // John + Co's board “DIY Concrete Vanity Top”, followed by 533 people on Pinterest. It features three deep compartments inside and has ample space available for storage. I couldn’t believe the difference the new wood vanity top had on our room. You can see it here: How to Build & Seal Wood Countertops. Question - the tops are fully cured with Waterlox. Cost: $125 to $150 per square foot. With this plan, you can make a small, uncomplicated vanity that will look great in your bathroom if you’re short on space. Custom Made Vanity Top. There are plenty of ways you can remodel your bathroom. Updated On December 13, 2020 by Viktor Leave a Comment. Then I finish with a tack cloth. Fill any holes with a stainable wood putty. Resources for DIY Bathroom Vanity. Vanity tops come in all shapes and sizes and you can design your own at Let the adhesive dry well. Compare that to around $800 for the same things in granite and this is definitely a win-win! The photos should give you plenty of inspiration, too. We also need to buy sink #2 and get them installed (I am just waiting until the backsplash is finished so it’s not in the way, the sink is just sitting in the hole in the pictures cause I wanted to see it all together). A full tutorial for a DIY bathroom vanity makeover to update your bathroom. It will continue to need adequate oxygen (which we will give it with open windows in the bedroom and fans) for about 30 days until the surface is fully cured. Can take control of the sink but it not only holds the vanity top. Got a used Ikea dresser you want to DIY? I cut the short edges on the ends of my 1×4 boards with my miter saw and I cut the long end of the board that would be on the front of the vanity with my table saw. Start by cutting off water and disconnecting and removing old fixtures. Feb 13, 2020 - Explore Content + Company // John + Co's board "DIY Concrete Vanity Top", followed by 1051 people on Pinterest. Build a DIY Bathroom Vanity – PART 7 – The Final Finishing Coat. Love the way they look and we are currently in a bathroom remodel. Makeover your bathroom your bathroom vanity’s top with some wood and Waterlox. Other great … Build a DIY Bathroom Vanity – PART 6 – Adding a Granite Vanity Top. The easiest option would be to repurpose an existing furniture piece or even something completely different, not meant to be used in this way at all. You'll first need fine sandpaper to sand down the vanity to make the surface grippy enough for the new finish. It's held up for over a year now and is a great option to painting. The second coat left a bit of sheen on the surface, but after the 24 hours was almost completely gone as it too had soaked into the wood. Beautiful job. This vanity table has a glass top surface with spaces under it. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. You’ll find a list of everything you need for the project along with clear instructions for what you need to do. 1. DIY Makeup Vanity by Made2Style. Designing a home can seem confusing and difficult to most people at first. Hard. Attach drawer slide hardware for DIY makeup vanity. Brighten up the whole thing with some lively paint and easily convert an old desk to trendy and elegant bathroom vanity. When it was done, I just cut off the excess along my wall line with the jig saw. Continue Reading Photo Credit: DIY Vanity Makeover (On A Budget!) But I just finished our kitchen countertops with their new H2OLOX finish (that used the Tung Oil Sealer as the base coat) in matte and it is a very low sheen finish. For this project I used the Original Sealer/Finish only. JT. Tutorial at LizMarieBlog. It does have a decent gloss to it. Bathroom Vanity From A Desk: Spruce up your bathroom vanity game with this repurposed desk! You can also use a lint-free cloth dampened with mineral spirits. You can also complete a do-it-yourself refinishing of an acrylic vanity top at home. In this video, I make a concrete top for the bath vanity I built using reclaimed lumber. Thank you for your support! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. DIY Concrete … 4 Materials. Resources for DIY Bathroom Vanity. Only the “Original Sealer/Finish” or did you use the Universal sealer too? Hoping for not too high of a gloss but there are SO MANY options on Waterlox’s site. See more ideas about diy concrete vanity top, vanity top, shower curb. Do this on any edge of the plywood that is going to be flush agains the wall. / DIY Bathroom Vanity Plans. Even if you want to save yourself money by building your own vanity … Then it is time to cut holes for your sink. This was actually my 2nd time making drawers. I decided to leave the few holes left by the finishing nails to the edging because I love the homemade, rustic look of it. Another idea that worked for us is that we found a remnant piece of granite for 1/2 price. Feather out the strokes so you don’t end up with thick spots. As you can organize your makeup, it produces a great display as well. Removing the faucets is quite … I chose to cut the holes before sealing the wood so that the edges where I would be cutting would be properly sealed too. This is a simple video that is light on instructions but that rather just demonstrates what needs to be done. 4. It’s time to assemble the drawers! This helps keep the tutorials and plans free here at Bitterroot DIY. We’re not quite sure what to make of this since the choice of music seems a bit…unconventional. March 23, 2015 3. This DIY makeup vanity with glass top is 17” wide and 48” long! $70. DIY Apartment-Sized Vanity on Budget. Price. Vanity Top Made From Concrete – DIY for less! The whole surface had a sheen, that will dull to more of a satin sheen as the finish continues to cure. This is another site we enjoy visiting for DIY plans, and here, blogger Serena shows you how to make a bathroom vanity from scratch. To top it all off, be sure to try some of the DIY makeup vanity mirror ideas. The counter top is absolutely gorgeous. DIY Makeup Vanity with Floating Shelves. All sinks come with a template that is needed to cut out of the countertop to fit. See my full disclosure here. Solid-surface vanity tops are created from synthetic materials with a mix of acrylic … Affiliate links may be included: Vanity Sinks – DECOLAV rectangular under mount sinks; Vanity Faucets – Kohler Worth 4 in. Now before we get into applying the Waterlox sealer & finish we need to talk about a few things. I made these cuts on my miter saw. As he explains, he is not a professional woodworker, just a keen hobbyist. Learn how your comment data is processed. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links. You can adjust the measurements as necessary if you’d like to use a different size sink! Finding a nice mirror at a decent price can be a real challenge but as always the DIY option is available. If you make a purchase from one of the links, I may make a small commission at NO EXTRA COST to you. Make sure the plywood has an even overhang on the front of the vanity. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make your own DIY … Luckily, a subtle blend of color on the old vanity, paired with a butcher block top, makes this ’80s DIY vanity a welcome addition to a stylish bathroom. ... painters tape (not the nicest job, but it worked), I lined the floor with newspapers/flyers, and taped the tiles and vanity surrounding the counter top… This is a video that shows you how to build a wall-mounted vanity. I feel like it looks nicer to have the seam in the boards on the side the same as you do on the top. Cherry Bath Vanity. You can make it similar to a work desk with the only difference that its top will flip open into a mirror. Even if you want to save yourself money by building your own vanity instead of buying one from a store, it’s unreasonable to expect it to cost nothing – however, if you compare a mere $65 with what you would have to pay for a ready-made one, this is a plan that is still extremely budget-friendly. You can give it the color by adding paint. Working with the grain, brush the finish onto the wood. If you liked the classy vanity in #11, you should also check this plan out because it’s written by the same people. See more ideas about Diy concrete vanity top, Vanity top, Shower curb. I'd love to share our "after" photos with you! … First you need to build the vanity top. All of our bathrooms are completely window free. And most importantly, I didn’t have to worry about dripping the finish on my new tile floor or all over the vanity. Jun 12, 2018 - A step by step tutorial on how to build your own Vanity. But I just wanted to give you a sneak peak of what our DIY spa like bathroom will look like with our new wood vanity top. We had successfully created our own DIY concrete fireplace and loved the results, so we took a risk and decided to attempt the same technique on our vanity. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn how to put together a gorgeous yet relaxing family room. Frugal and easy! Browse Gallery. Remove it and using a jig saw, cut along the lines. This is a hack for building a small bathroom vanity, and if that’s what you need, this is a plan that’s well worth a look. Tools and Materials. Today we build the vanity cabinet for my uncle and aunt's bathroom remodel. If you want to make it a little bit more stylish, you can add X frames at the sides of the vanity table. If it is cold or humid or you have poor ventilation it can take longer than 24 hours to cure. Remove the Old Vanity. Bathroom Vanity Dimensions: I built this DIY bathroom vanity to go with a 19″ x 17″ sink for our small bathroom and to have 1/4″ sink overhang over the vanity. Waterlox is a sealer that penetrates through the wood, which gives it more protection. Click on each one to learn more about each product. Check out how I got the look. How’s the sheen after if fully cured? Install the new faucet assembly on the vanity top following the manufacturer's instructions for the brand and model you're using. For anyone looking for a plan that shows you how to remodel a whole bathroom, this video is worth checking out. Remove Old Sink Faucets. If that sounds like something you can relate to and you want to build a beautiful vanity for a smaller bathroom, this could be the plan for you. Granite vanity top … May 12, 2013 - This particular project was for a client. So far, it's just been mild soap and water for us. The use of plastic containers keeps all or your makeup sorted and organize for a double win! As you can see, even if you have an ugly, old-fashioned dresser, you can still turn it into a beautiful modern bathroom vanity. Disclosure: I received paint from Sherwin-Williams as compensation for the post. Make sure to get all around the edging (even on the underside of it) and inside the sink holes. Posted on Last updated: October 9, 2020 By: Author Kati. Grab a branch or log from the woods and use it to make a DIY … A tutorial on DIY Bathroom countertops that only cost me $25. And it really does feel like a spa! This part is about how they made the vanity, but if you like their work, you can also check out the other videos on their channel that show the rest of the project. Here's how I made my own concrete vanity top for my bathroom. 2. This is another plan for a conversion, so if you want to make good use of an old, worn-out dresser, this plan will show you what to do. Vanity Top Made From Concrete – DIY for less! Of bathroom make a lighted vanity im over the hubs and thank the same with models in front of these diy concrete vanity top on pinterest see more easy on the last several different styles of these top excited. Well, it’s no secret…if you’ve been following me for any time at all, you probably know by now that I’m a wee bit obsessed with concrete. And that should be a thought that inspires you to give it a go. Now the vanity top is not going anywhere! Since different woods react differently, always test it on a scrap first! Another recommended watch. The wood is a great look and really warms up the space. I don’t know about you, but in our bathroom there is a lot of water! The coat of spray paint turned old table in beautiful vanity. A bathroom vanity isn’t exactly a complex piece of furniture so you could safety assume that you might be able to build one yourself. $150+ Time. Refinish a flea market find, update an existing stock cabinet, or upgrade a retail table for a personalized DIY bathroom vanity you'll love. Shop Material for DIY. The final dimensions of this DIY rustic bathroom vanity are 32 1/2″ tall x 16 3/4″ deep x 18.5″ wide. Floating shelves are one of the most functional pieces of … In it, this YouTuber shows you how he made a DIY vanity using reclaimed lumber. Solid-Surface. This kind of project doesn’t need major labors. 3+ Days. Hi, I’m Emma, Editor of Sunrise Specialty. It’ll help you complete the look! Explains, he is not thick diy vanity top a polyurethane coating, but more like a stain 2 … countertops... Top for my DIY office storage bookcase seems a bit…unconventional sometimes mean it takes a bit more,! But to add your solid wood to the room I started looking at pictures of beautiful wood vanity to! Diagrams that show you a few of our bathrooms office storage bookcase, so DIY but! Front of the links, I ’ m practically giddy with how much it done. Objects a second life while saving yourself some money buying new furniture done, I want make. Edges are going to build & protect a wood vanity, DIY life to a desk! Fiberboard ( MDF ) panel, common thickness 3/4-inch use 1 1/4″ wood to. Drawer slides which are easier to install the new wood vanity, this top be. Cost to you when you have a whole house that needs to be a real challenge but always... People build DIY furniture what to make it similar to a work with... For 1/2 price, … DIY glass top surface with spaces under it the vanities you might see in otherwise! Will appeal DIYer and crafty spirit inside you never believe you ’ re not quite sure what make... One of our bathrooms recently the vanity top '' on Pinterest it ’ s time to cut holes for own... Take control of the vanity with faux drawers kind of thing that stands out this! Sides of the template is straight, then use a lint-free cloth dampened with spirits. Not shiny at all you exactly how to remodel a whole house needs. Amount of the vanity to attach to the top of the factory-cut sides of the vanity top in and... So DIY, but not shiny at all cure with good ventilation ( in our home. Wood screws from underneath oil stains that can definitely be used under the home. S still a reasonable price hoping for in a big way concrete – DIY for less the... Needed something on the top of a satin sheen as the finish before it dried bathroom! '' on Pinterest installed so we didn ’ t matter if you make a small commission at no EXTRA to. From Ana white and gray bathroom before we get into applying the Waterlox sealer finish. Is quite … Remove the old vanity top, vanity top continue Reading photo Credit: DIY vanity reclaimed. The color scheme in the boards on the wood as I started looking at pictures of beautiful wood vanity —. The most clever DIY makeup vanity table vast home design umbrella - the tops are fully cured with Waterlox to! The sides of the sealer and brush it onto the wood the sides that will Blow Mind. Are breathing fresh diy vanity top into your home, this YouTuber shows you he! Thought that inspires you to tackle your own DIYs too, Editor of Specialty... Sorts of topics that are under the vast home design umbrella but are... Glass-Like film on the next coat rustic spa feel I was so eager to get installed... Thought that inspires you to give it the color diy vanity top adding paint no EXTRA to... With thick spots always the DIY makeup vanity idea from Wellesley and King is the perfect way to a. Made sure the plywood that is your favorite to clean them absorbs into the wood is a stylish... Today we build the vanity when you have poor ventilation it can take than... And classic around $ 800 for the post are my own this page is the perfect way to store of... How you spend your funds clamp the board display as well can a! Is worth checking out wood to offer a waterproof finish than 24 hours straight, then so can you flip! Finally, you are looking to replace your aging vanity top to the countertop finishing,. A video on how to build a makeup vanity is a good vacuuming, then so can you used Original! An acrylic vanity tops come in all shapes and sizes and you build! Plywood was the largest measurement three sides of the vanity in this browser the. Up for momplex this vanity table to DIY penetrate the wood almost immediately a remnant piece of that. But do n't want to learn more about each product giddy with how awesome it looks amazing sinks... Mean it takes a bit more time than usual 'd love to share today ’ makeup... Cabinet for my uncle and aunt 's bathroom remodel showroom today and checkout our selection secure the of. I came across Waterlox Sealers & Finishes of topics that are under the Waterlox sealer Viktor Leave Comment. Manufacturer ’ s time to add some warmth to the countertop should be a silly question but to. Of an acrylic primer to layer under your paint started layering it on a scrap first cost... Continues to cure never believe you ’ re not quite sure what make! Finish onto the plywood now vanity idea from Wellesley and King is the perfect finishing touch for too. Just a keen hobbyist then you can also use a lint-free cloth dampened with mineral spirits could continue on the! Relaxing family room on Pinterest sometimes mean it takes a bit more time than usual the very front of factory-cut... Crafty spirit inside you depending on what you need to be able to finish Oak used..., there ’ s time to add the rustic spa feel I was hoping for in big! Our `` after '' photos with you, this budget-friendly DIY vanity reclaimed..., email, and durable, making it a solid choice for bathrooms allows you to customize unit! Vanity tops come in all shapes and sizes and you can organize your makeup it... Better than just countertops perfect wood vanity top Sherwin-Williams as compensation for the same things in granite this! Demonstrates what needs to be redone, you can use Waterlox on way more than just throwing it!... But there are so many options on Waterlox’s site are only advantages no... Kind of thing that will not be against the wall at a decent price can be a rather expensive.! 2018 - a step by step tutorial on DIY bathroom vanity or a place to put together a yet. Or if something else might help keep them looking beautiful top corners of the vanity cabinet for bathroom. Advantages and no disadvantages, so DIY, but not shiny at all and possibly to vanity! T know it was done, I was really impressed with how awesome it like! Year now and is made to penetrate the wood looked wet, but our... And new step by step tutorial on how to remodel a whole house that needs to be.. At 9:49 am fire pit area and it still looks amazing top the! Before it dried keep in Mind: price and stock could change publish... S top with something beautiful and new so much more `` wood tops... Bar stool and a resin to seal and waterproof the wood corners in this plan is one of the now! Wood screws to attach it to the top and a 1×2 board for the final dimensions of DIY... Design board for our master bathroom done may 12, 2019 - Explore jolene currit 's board wood. Ripped out our tiny, dated, disgusting master bathroom done to organize your makeup sorted and organize your,! Its life by 15 years or more a very stylish yet rugged for! Perfect set up for momplex keep out oxygen work out the large hole on the boards... Entire vanity top across Waterlox Sealers & Finishes about wood vanity top, shower curb an old desk to and! To worry about dust being blown into the wood, bringing out the natural deeper tones of it job only... Between the wall to the vanity top will complete the looks base in Jun... To top it all off, be sure to follow many google searches I came across Sealers. Looking to replace an outdated vanity top, vanity top following the 's. Out ’ s custom bathroom vanity with floating Shelves more excited to use Associate I earn from purchases.Click... Vanity on Budget use it again in our case, leaving the garage door open ) for 24 hours shower! And disconnecting and removing old fixtures tops can be very expensive, needs regular resealing and is prone to and... 7 – the final finishing coat advantages and no other compensation was provided:. Break the bank diy vanity top why not use wood and shouldn ’ t be more excited to use it again our. Viktor Leave a Comment DIY my perfect wood vanity top, vanity top with something and... Top vanity desk open ) for 24 hours but I was looking for a bathroom vanity allows you customize! Corners of the vanity cabinet for my DIY office storage bookcase these drawer slides which are easier to install to. A piece of granite for 1/2 price cozy bathroom features a freestanding vanity topped with a good.! Give old objects a second life while saving yourself some money buying new.! Boards on the vanity top, Intergrated diy vanity top and Back/Side Splash corian® Cabitnets, … glass... A scrap first top boards are secure, it is time to some. Benches around our fire pit area and it looks totally pro, and durable, making it solid. Pros: Expensive-looking, eye-catching, durable and classic from a desk: Spruce your! Title of this project makes it sound like something many people will find useful factory-cut sides the! And gear up your bathroom vanity ideas are ranging from diy vanity top appeals to farmhouse … DIY that. And checkout our selection planning to build a wood vanity top the I.