So what could be the cause of the rattling sound. The engine grew from 122 to 202 hp. I have checked the cam timing marks on both camshafts and it is correct. Owners of six-and eight-cylinder petrol engines from Mercedes must continue to fear for their engines. If there are problems with the crankcase ventilation system, the following problems will arise: All these “problems” appeared on the Mercedes M271 engine. It's easy to unsubscribe from these communications at any time. The Mercedes-Benz M271 is a petrol-powered engine manufactured between 2002 and 2017 in a range of variants. How old is the M271 engine chain? Most Reliable Classic Cars And Worth Buying. After a certain amount of milage the camshaft and timing chain have been malfunctioning in most … Timing chain problems are not uncommon, especially in high-mileage vehicles. It dies if you let it idle when cold. As such, post-2012 M271 EVO engines should not experience this problem. Mercedes-Benz V6 and V8 engines had timing chain problems caused by balance shaft and idler gear failures. C200/C250 CGi variant of the M271 engine What parts are affected and require replacement? It is a known issues on M271 engine. The aluminum beam contains a cast iron sleeve. Therefore, when the engine is turned off, oil pressure presses it into the cartridge. Chains are used in the M271 engine timing drive. The connecting rod for the M271 engine was borrowed from its predecessor, the M111 Evo. Like any other moving mechanical component inside any engine, a timing chain is subject to wear. That gear may not have been hardened properly and is a subject of a class action … The engine had an unreliable single-stand timing chain and stretched chain produces a … It runs ok with reasonable power when the RPMs are over 1500. Also, it will not be superfluous to replace an unreliable defect due to the heating filter housing of the number A2711801210 with the upgraded and more thermally stable A2711801410. The timing chain system (BGA Ref: TC5690VFK) comprises of five main components, all included within BGA’s full kit solutions, and fits the Mercedes M271.820 and M271.860 set of engines. Hello, this is a flaw in the Mercedes M271 engine. The main cause of this fault, we believe, is a design fault in the camshaft adjusters that once worn, fail to correctly time the engine and can cause the timing chain to … Built in the Mercedes-Benz engine plant in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, Germany, the M271 family of engines are 4-cylinder double overhead cam driven by a single roller chain, with an aluminum block with cast-in iron liners, 4 valves per cylinder, variable valve timing for exhaust and intake and a cast aluminum cylinder head. On the M271 engine with intake manifold injection, disturbances such as the formation of carbon deposits on the exhaust valve stem appear. 'params' : {} Leaving it for this long in the M271 engine is very risky, in my opinion. Second Opinion] M271 Engine Problem - low compression but perfect cylinder leakdown results. Fits the Mercedes M271.820 and M271.860 set of engines. In 2009, the engine underwent its first major upgrade. If the car owner loses this moment, the chain will skip one or more gears. 1. Now the turbocharger is responsible for the IHI AI0065 / 66 turbocharger. However, the circuitry on this M271 engine was malfunctioning. 5. atOptions = { An oil leak causes the following problems: To eliminate leaks, it is necessary to replace the external gasket (between the engine block and the housing) and the internal gasket. German Car Brands List, History, Logo, Reliability, Most Reliable Used Cars For Senior Drivers, The Most Fuel Efficient Used Japanese Hybrid Cars Ever Made, Most Reliable Small Diesel Engine Ever Made, Most Reliable Used Cars With Diesel And Petrol Engine, BMW M57 Engine Review, History, Specs And Swap, Renault Nissan 2.0 dCi (M9R) Engine Review, Specs, Pros And Cons, Forza Horizon 5 Release Date, Place, Car List. With active and dynamic drive, engine oil heats it strongly, which in turn causes deformation and oil leakage. If you’re lucky, the chain will only skip 3 – 6 teeth out of timing on either the exhaust or intake camshaft after several attempts to start the engine. There are no one from Merc resolving or trying to better their hardware. The gases are discharged, or rather exhausted, into the intake manifold, and thus sent back to the combustion chamber. As the timing chain jumps, meaning it skips links, the loose components can move around and damage other engine parts, resulting in power loss. Burst gas occurs during operation on any engine. 'key' : '94ba7032561f92912437eb94cfb73c21', The aluminum cylinder head on the M271 engine contains two camshafts, each of which is equipped with a phase shifter. Read Book 271 Engine Timing M271 Engine Timing - timing and a coil-on-plug ignition system. A broken timing chain will cause an engine to not start or fail while … It is installed on the Mercedes-Benz W203, W204, CL203 (C-class), W211, W212, C207 (E-class), R171, R172 (SLK) cars and even on the Sprinter W906. ... 271 has 2 lanchester balance shafts running from the separate oil pump chain so would not effect basic engine timing. Mercedes produced certain models with defective gears in their balance shafts (M272 engines) or with defective idle gears (M273 engines). Balance Shaft and Idler Gear Sprocket - Many early production (2004-2008) M272 and 273 engines were manufactured with balance shafts or in the case of M273 engines an idler gear sprocket that would get eroded aggressively by the timing chain. Generally, when a timing chain is used, the intention is for it to last the “lifetime” of the engine (very roughly 200k miles). On earlier engines the issue started with worn camshaft sprocket wheel teeth. The BGA VVT sprocket uses a steel back plate and improved design, making it stronger and more durable for many years of dependable use. In 2002, Mercedes-Benz vehicles were fitted with a new 4-cylinder petrol engine built from scratch. The Mercedes M271 engine receives a unique oil filter housing made entirely of plastic. The timing chain system (BGA Ref: TC5690VFK) comprises of five main components, all included within BGA’s full kit solutions, and fits the Mercedes M271.820 and M271.860 set of engines. The M272 and M273 engine introduced in 2006 have had problems with the timing resulting from a worn balance shaft sprocket (M272) or timing chain idler gear on the M273. 'width' : 300, Hi Guys, I am trying to find the cause of early timing chain failures on the M271 cgi engine also known I believe as the M271 evo. Machines with extended chains have problems starting, running unevenly, misfiring and knocking, and emitting metal grinding or clinking characteristics. Power loss. On later engines the issues was caused by a failure of the hydraulic tensioner (oil pressure leak). What The Best & Most Popular JDM Cars Or Engine? As a result, you can simply “drive” into the crankcase drain with the engine jammed. However, the circuitry on this M271 engine was malfunctioning. It seems the m271 engine are causing all the similiar problems. Comments: Hi, I have just replaced the E and A camshaft gears and timing chain kit for my c200 M271 engine, it now make a rattling sound for few seconds when starting the engine. The diameter of the hole in the screw is too large. Camshaft adjuster/sprocket failure The camshaft adjuster for the M271 engine is made from cast iron and its operation against the single-row steel timing chain causes the teeth to wear prematurely; while the teeth can potentially break off, this is relatively rare. After analysing industry data, BG Automotive says that it has identified issues with the Mercedes M271 1.8L engine and is offering technicians advice on the problems, causes, and what to look for when sourcing the best kit to handle the job. This also applies to the general gasoline engines of Daimler engineers. The engine light will now be apparent as the ECU has determined that the timing is no longer within its specified values. The duration of its service, as training shows, is very small – no more than 100,000 km. The problem: OE VVT sprockets in the M271 engines are experiencing higher than average rates of failure due to the material composition and design of the back plateSolution: The BGA Ref TC5690S1/S2 fits the Mercedes M271.820 and M271.860 engines. My hobby is writing articles about automotives and is one of the blogs of many of our communities. You are welcome, you can check my article about most reliable mercedes engine.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. M271 engine – timing chain stretch. You might want to go for 2nd opinion. If you suspect the condition of the crankcase ventilation tube, it should be replaced with a valve. Mercedes M272 and M273 have a timing chain problem! Autobild reports that the M272 V6 and M273 V8 engines used a sintered steel timing chain gear made of various materials starting in 2004, but switched to … It is throwing codes P0171 (lean trim adjust limit) and P0300 - Answered by a verified Mercedes Mechanic. The BGA VVT sprocket uses a steel back plate and improved design, making it stronger and more durable for many years of dependable use. Thank you for reading our article and hope you enjoy it. If you need a used car with a small diesel engine, even though the repair costs are very high, there are several attractive offers... Mercedes M271 Engine Best Review Problems And Reliability. This hole is for manufacturing purposes only and not a timing reference. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. M271 KE/DE 18 1.8l Engine Problems and Reliability. In advanced cases, oil from the crankcase in the form of thick vapor is sucked into the intake and settles in the intercooler. This situation in no way affects the power source of the turbine, however, burning oil in the intake manifold causes short smoke from the exhaust pipe after the cold engine is started. The working volume of the new power unit is 1.6 or 1.8 liters. Mercedes-Benz is currently trying to recapture the number one position in global luxury sales, but a quality problem on its home turf in Germany seems to be undermining confidence in the brand. That is one of the most common problems with the M271, which caused by soot on valve stems. In the worst case, the chain can simply break, causing the pistons and valves to collide. Lack of oil changes, low oil level or poor oil quality can cause the timing chain to wear faster. My C 200 kompressor has shown a P0020 code. A timing chain is lubricated by the engine oil. PLEASE NOTE: Our sprockets have a small diameter 3mm hole just below the teeth. There is a gasket here between the engine block and the body itself with the heat exchanger, as well as inside – between the plastic body and the aluminum heat exchanger. This problem with the gear is something I've never read about before! Over time, the chains on this machine stretch. Until 2009, the M271 engine was equipped with the Eaton M65 drive compressor. 's' : '') + '://">'); Hi, my name is Jasmine. M271 engine – timing chain stretch. The kit includes a chain, chain tensioner, guides and sprockets. Leaving it for this long in the M271 engine is very risky, in my opinion. Prolonged heating of the engine to operating temperature, Driving mode is too smooth without “turning” the engine to high speed, Refueling with low quality gasoline, which causes the formation of incorrect mixtures, Replacement of the exhaust valve spring with a stiffer one, Installation of modified nozzles with 6 point nozzles, “Firmware” of the modified engine control (injection) program, Regularly adding Keropur cleaning additive to fuel (000 989 25 45 10), Use of a valve with a rim for cleaning up carbon deposits – the modified valve received a newer version of the M271 engine. The equalizer shaft maintains excellent smoothness. Engine noise during fired-up. Initially these motorbikes were equipped with roller chains, later manufacturers started using flat tooth chains instead. You have entered an incorrect email address! The worn chain with tensioner, phase shifting clutch can be replaced without removing the M271 engine from the engine compartment. This engine is said to have a redesigned chain tensioner but problems with the timing chain/tensioners are now occurring earlier (45,000 miles) than with the Kompressor engines, I am trying to ascertain whether the stop/start function is … Excess oil enters the hot parts of the turbine. The kit includes a chain, chain tensioner, guides and sprockets. The engineers left the compressor. Are The Latest Generation Cars Much Better? These are the outward and early signs of a leak in the oil filter housing seal. }; Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The oil seeps out, dripping into the pan. An aluminum heat exchanger is also built into it – inside, at the bottom. The Timing chain system comprises of five main components, all included within our Full Kit solutions. Due to defects in materials may be in cars of the construction period April 2004 to September 2006, a gear wear on the timing chain. This powertrain requires a lot of attention and quality care. When the chain is critically stretched, the “teeth” wear unevenly on the phase-shifting clutch stars, which only increases the risk of overshoot and the cost of engine repair. Removed both magnets, strippef them, cleaned them but problem is back. Thank you for the article my question is which Engine of Merc Benz is good to buy. This is especially true for silent toothed chains. Timing chain problems with the M271 engine Timing chain issues can be found in any vehicle – today, we’ll be focusing specifically on vehicles powered by versions of the Mercedes-Benz M271 engine. 'height' : 250, The valves can even bend and ruin the engine. Will idle but very rough when warm. This issue does not cause a valve collision, but causes the following errors: In order to solve these problems, Daimler engineers have proposed several key solutions: The turbocharged M271.8 EVO engine later initially used the “wrong” bolt to secure the oil feed pipe to the turbo cartridge. To solve this problem, Daimler technicians replaced unsuccessful slotted screws with bolts with a nozzle (A 001 997 24 01), which precisely doses the supplied fuel and cuts off supply when the engine is stopped. The M112 and M113 engines built between 1999 and 2005 have been very reliable with respect to timing chains and in general. Both garages have tried to find all the usual faults with this engine - timing chain, solenoid etc. There should be engine code come up if indeed it is an issue. In general, the M271 engine has two types of block heads: for direct injection (DE) and intake manifold injection (KE). Hydraulic lift is provided at valve actuation. Hyundai Getz Review, History, Specs And Engine, BMW E46 3 Series Review Specs, Engine, History, Oil Gasket and Heat Exchanger Leak Problems, When the engine is cold, exhaust often comes out of smoke, BMW 3 Series E90/E91/E92/E93 Review, Engine Specs And History, Jaguar S-Type Review Specs, Engine, Pros And Cons, Excessive gas pressure compresses the oil seals, causing them to squeeze and / or leak oil through them, The blown gas can exert back pressure, which prevents oil from flowing through the drain in the piston, resulting in high oil consumption for waste, Engine oil begins to penetrate into the intake manifold, There is also misfire, which is manifested in the uneven operation of the engine. If the owner is not very active driving, then over time, due to old age, many heat exchanger gaskets and glass bodies are damaged and crushed. Congratulations, you are now finished assembling the Timing Sprockets for Mercedes M271 engine. document.write('